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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Wendy Wiseman.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Wendy had attended Quinson Elementary and has shown up in my class a few times throughout our years at Quinson, Lakewood and PGSS. I have always known her as one of the strongest and atheletic girls of our class. She was always constantly busy with volleyball or basketball.

Here she sits with other members of the high school volleyball team, Jackie Derosserio, Diana, and of course Laurie.

She had lived near Quinson on Nicolson Street down by where Tim Boyce and that special shortcut to the elementary school. She was good friends with Laurie Makowski who also lived up the street from her.

In our early years, Wendy has always been the source of embarrassment for me. I remember once a bunch of us decided to challenge Wendy, Laurie a few other girls of the basketball team to a game of basketball. What in the hell was I thinking? Did I really think we had a chance?

The second most glaring thing I remember was that one day in McIver's class, I had ripped my pants right in the crotch during recess. She sat in front and to my right and she saw through the rip. Yea, not that kids our age didn't know what porn was, but man that was bad... Anyway, I had fixed the problem by going to the washroom and stapling my pants back together, but that was after her free show.


1983 Lakewood Her grad comment reads: Wild Wisey will never forget Michelle's reaction of the left over carrot in William's Lake. Wendy hates timed-writing. (Yukky!!)
1984 PGSS

She writes: Best of luck in the future with your computers.

1985 PGSS Her grad comment reads: WW's memories of PGSS is French II. Her goals are to enter the RCMP and visit Greece and Australia. Her hobbies are Italian boys, parties and skiing. This Aries was born in Cambell River and enjoys Chinese food.

Ed: Well, she ended up as a dental hygienist, so I guess cop work was out. She also married a Derek Romanin (is that Italian??!)


Nothing short of the word "Super Woman" for Wendy. The internet search keeps finding her name entered into those marathon races.

Here she placed 41st in the year 2000 boating race in Deep Cove.

She placed 5th in the Senior Expert Women's (19-29) Division of the Test of Metal 1999 competition. TOM is a 60+ km bike race through both road and terrain in Squamish.

She was in the Edge To Edge Marathon in 2000. ETE is a running marathon from Tofino and Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. The biggest challenge about this race is that most of it is uphill.

Here she participated in the toughest Sea2Summit Whistler 2002 course. Starting in How Sound to the summit of Whistler, it is nasty race of 100 miles by kayak, bike and foot. You might also note that her partner is Scott Dalke from Edmonton.

She is registered as of October 2006 with the College Of Dental Hygienists of BC.

Her try at the 2004 Test Of Metal competition.

Her cdhbc reg number is on this July, 2006 document too.

Her try at the 2003 Test Of Metal competition.


I could not really get in touch with Wendy directly. Her email from classmates.com never gets any replies. However, the site did point out that she was married as Romanin and that she was a dental hygienist. That at least provided the necessary hints to find do the google search.

I did however have a brief chat with Scott Dalke over MSN back in 2003. This is what affirmed the Sea2Summit race results and thus the other race results. I also add that she was hitting 30 years old, back in 1999, which means she is still incredibly athletically fit.