New Year Party Dec. 31, 2005

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So it is almost getting to be an annual event for the guys of the old AJ group. We seem to always pick our usual hangout because it has a lot of room and it doesn't have a lot of other people like parents and significant others to worry about.

For my wife, it will be her first chance to host a house party.

Dan and Chad sporting off new cameras.
Lots of hot food, and mom pulls more out of the stove.
Warren and Mikal do some kitchen chatting.
I bring in the Mahjong set! Let the games begin!

Here Joey tries her luck at poker.
However, big Paul is the big card shark tonight.
Paul looks onwards for his turn to kick some ass at Halo 2.
They get the two Xboxs fired up for 8 player mode.

There is always time to surf the internet for smut.