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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Barry Christoff.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


I met Barry when I entered Lakewood Junior Secondary School. He was a short guy, but I remember from PE class he took a lot of punishment. Not quite as skilled as his younger brother Grant, he was a good teammate to have especially for those games of rugby and soccer.

I remember in PE Class, we use the play what people nicknamed, "Suicide Soccer" by Chatari. (Chow and Atari, yea stupid pun blahhh..) Anyway, it was because I played really pyschaotic and used my face a couple times to stop the soccer ball. Rather painful when you wear glasses. I remember Barry stopped one with his face, though I think it was more of an accident than if he "planned" it that way....

He survived...

Barry is one of these weird mixture guys. He is part native though you couldn't tell from his name or his mannerism. He is also religous since he goes to the same church as Geordie Birch. Although, you could never tell.

I guess he hides it well...

I remember he lived in a cole-du-sac across the street from Lakewood Jr. Secondary. It made it easy for him to go to school. He has a younger brother Grant, who was very athletic and was in my sister's grad year.

Barry was part of the Apple Computer club which at the time was run by Mr. Irvine. The teacher made an Applesoft Basic program to randomly generate a list of the computer teams to sign up their computer times. It was suppose to be "random" but for "some" strange reason, Barry's group always ended up at the top of the list so he always got to pick the good time slots. We all suspected foul play! Of course, later we learned that the rnd(0) function was not truly random.
In 2007, I got a hold of Barry through Facebook. It has become the new standard to getting in touch with old friends.


1983 Lakewood

His Grad comment reads: Barry's favourite sport is hockey. His ambition in life is to kill the person who invented these Grade 10 questionaires.

Ed: The annual editor was Laurie this year.... WC.

1985 PGSS His grad comment reads: "Bad Dog Barry" who was born in McBride, enjoys eaing pizza and playing football. Barry's goal is to become an engineer.


I found his name in this document addressing some kind of meeting planning. Then I found his name on this list of commissons of the Liberal Party. Wow, he really went for the top.
Here was some contact information from the government's web site. Here he serves as some kinda legal advisor for an aboriginal conference. So that ties in with the fact he was going for the bar in Ontario a couple years back.
Another site for the Liberal Party of Ontario and his picture is missing, that bum! He appears as a speaker for the 2003 conference on Indian Act Reforms.
Ahh, must be nice to be a government worker spending our taxpayers money! Finally, on a private page about the ALPCO, do I finally find and confirm with a picture it is our Barry!


I have managed to find Barry back July 2001. He is Ottawa living with his brother and his sister. Some of his family is still in Prince George and some is in Cache Creek. You can contact him here.

Barry moved to Ontario and he is finished with his Law. He has applied for the bar.
Barry called me on my cell phone in May 2006, just days before my wife arrived in Canada. Needless to say his timing was awful as I was frantically cutting the wood needed to finish my queen sized bed I was building from scratch. Anyway, he gave me his phone number which I wrote on a piece of wood, which now, is lost somewhere (possibly screwed to the side of my bed). So if you are reading this Barry, please contact me or call me again, thanks.
In Barry's call on May 2006, he is gotten out of poltics and has settled in Vancouver with his wife. He tells me that Grant had gotten a divorce and is now dating someone we all might know. Does the name Leah Hunter ring a bell? Small world isn't it?