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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Geordie Birch

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


I met Geordie when I entered Lakewood Junior School. A tall, blonde, strange, and mysterious guy. He went to a neighbouring school called DP Todd. I do believe I met him through my friend Erik Kiss, who was a friend of Bob Dick who was a friend of Geordie's. We had common Apple Computer interests at that time.

I remembered that Geordie is one of these first Pseudo-Christians. He only needs to be religious on Sundays, every other day he has free reign. He would go to church with a new invention called bud style headphones that fit in the ear and listen to heavy metal music on his walkman during the pastor's sermon. He also got a short spike haircut which didn't go over well at the church either....

This are picture of Geordie from my 1984 birthday party.

I remember we were at Ron Walberg's house hanging out having a party. Geordie brings an luger gun to it. Of course, it was not loaded nor did he have the shells for it. Stupid enough to bring it there, but even more stupid to show around to the party goers and letting people pull the trigger. Needless to say, the firing mechanism was all screwed up by the end of the night from all the people pulling the trigger.

 In Feb 2002, I have managed to get back in contact with Geordie through a mutal friend Cameron Dunn. He has travelled to parts of the world, and wandered around western Canada. He came into my store. He is still very much into computers and tech, we still have the love of those classic old computer games.

He has also grown a pretty hefty beard which makes him look like Grizzley Adams!

In 2004, I get an email from long lost friend Angela Ottesen. She was working at a Vancouver based fresh juice supplier called "Happy Planet". It is there she was talking to fellow co-worker Geordie about what city they came from, Prince George. Although Geordie went to DP Todd and not Lakewood or PGSS, it didn't take long before a list of friends started to sound more familiar. And sure enough, after they hit Erik Kiss and of course my name, then everything clicked. Small world eh?


Geordie has become imfamous for his participation in newsgroups on the Debian operating system. His name and email address shows up instantly when you do a search, as he is on many mailing lists and message boards about the system.

too many to list
Here is an archived message from a debian user OS news feed. He comments on various volunteer organizations that he helps out with their computer systems.
Here is another archived message which he self introduces himself and his role with the debian OS system.
This is a picture I found while I was doing a Google search of his name. This is not our Geordie.


I had contacted Geordie through Cameron. He came by and visited me at my anime store in 2004. You can contact him here.