William Chow's Personal Web Page


This a sub-page of some of my new friends that I have made when I moved over to Vancouver. The name of the group comes from the street name of the house I lived on. It was an old Vancouver Special in which I lived in the basement and rented the upstairs.

In Chinese sub-culture, it is customary to refer to proper names of people by their nicknames when in an informal situation. For example, Vancouver is known as Hum-sue-fa, which literally translates to Salt Water City. Here are some of my new friends with their nicknames that they chose (or we chose for him...), If you need to contact any of these people, please feel free to email me. If you know how to contact these people or remember someone I forgot to mention or need to make a correction, please also contact me.

I have also added icons to represent some "personality" traits and "fetishes" that we (in our group) have attached to the person. The column labelled Clones is used for references in the real world, that the evil clones have gone on to become famous, while my nameless friend remains a nobody.


Nickname & Origin







It was also in this small basement suite I began my life as a slum lord and inn keeper by providing travellers and friends with a place to live.

I was the leader in a dying race of the world of the Apple II computers.

I began my starting anime collection here. And in these days it was a lot of postage for tape trading. I also began working in Radio Shack.

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Ron Cheung

Captain Ron


The Joker in the crowd.

Often can be found skipping class and hanging out at my place or goofing around at Radio Shack.

David Ng He was one of the first anime and Apple II computer friends I met. He was a friend of Sheldon.
Asa Louis
He was also an avid anime fan who had a pen pal in Japan who recorded many VHS tapes of anime in exchange for our hockey.
Daisuke Suzuki
Daisuke was one of the few avid Japanese Otaku that I met in Vancouver. He becomes one of my most valuable translators for Arctic Animation.
Wai Ho
Mr. Clean

His better nickname would have been "Yellow Ice". He was a born Hawaiian but he wishes that he had turned out black.

Last seen in Metrotown in 2000. Was still doing DJ stuff.

Wai Kee
He was a member of the computer club who became my room mate. He had an impressive audio cassette collection. went over to the island in the 90's.

David Galloway

Came down with us in the mass migration to Vancouver. Also became a room mate for a short time.

Was working at a computer store in 90's.
Came down to Vancouver. He was known for making many moves on different girlfriends and making fast with the food in the fridge.
He also was in Vancouver around Expo 86 time. He had stayed shortly in my place but he moved out due to the need for the funny smelling smoke.
She came down to Vancouver with Evelyn. After a rather bad impression over at Ed's house, I took her in as a room mate.