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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Andrew Coates.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Andrew is one of my older friends from Quinson Elementary. What always sticks out in my mind is that he was he was class clown, all around athlete, life of the party, joker, comedian, lush, and the ladies man.

I can't even count how many times Andrew was the the class clown. But the one I remember the best was when he took a bullet for me. We were goofing around with old back issues of the daily newsletters. We were taking the letters, and editting out and changing words to make it perverted and weird. Mr. McIver caught him with one them and he took the blame for it. What a good friend.

Andrew and Shane Demeyer goofing around at Lakewood.

This one is hard to see. It is Andrew's wrist cast with a sketch of Kei from the Dirty Pair drawn by Dave Ng.

Andrew was a good athlete when he was young. I remember he was a good marathon runner as well as a swimmer. I went to his house and saw his room full of medals, awards and trophies. Saying that much, when I saw him in 2004 and I think he has been eating too much of his own cooking...

As shown below after our bowling game (he is on the right), he has gained some weight, but lost some hair.

The reason we always got Andrew to come to my parties, because he always had a way to liven up it up. He was a hit during me and May's 16/15 party and our 17/16 party.

Andrew and Steve start yelling "Limbo"

And yes, he can.

An attempt at aerial Kung-Fu.

An air band of Platinum Blonde.

Oh can remember a few times where I did a couple a good jokes on Andrew. One time I remember he was flipping all over the house when he was waiting for hi UI check. I took it and hid it for the better course of a day, then I gave it to him.
The other one, I remember was we were having a party at 6pm and he started drinking. Him being such a lush, he passed out on the couch before 4pm. So while he slept, I took a felt marker and drew a Nazi swastika on his forehead. So when the guests started arriving at 6pm, he woke up and started answering the door. After all the weird looks when May's friends came, he went to the washroom to look in the mirror! "Damn you, William!!" He had a red mark on his head all evening after all the scrubbing he needed to do to wash that off. I remember another time when we were in Lakewood. We made these paper orgami throwing squares and flicked them like shurikens. I also remember that Andrew invited a weird sound called the EEAAHH! So one day, just before classes started, me and Andrew were already sitting down waiting for class. Then Sidney Shug when running down the hallway, threw a bunch of the shurekins into Mr. Pacieski's classroom and yelled EEAAHH! Not even a minute later, he comes into our classroom and says "Andrew down to the office!" Poor Andrew.
And on that note, I remember that it was Andrew who kept inventing new names for Mr. Paceiwski. I think the best one was one day we were eating lunch in one of the assigned classrooms. And he had a container of apple juice on another desk. When Mr. Paceiwski walked in, he yelled, "Hey, Pass the Juice please", He gave him a dirty look. After that, everyone started to use that, and he wasn't pleased. There was another cold winter night, I was at Andrew's place and he has a working fireplace in his basement. I remember he had an entire pile of newspapers which was suppose to be used to help start off the fire. Well, we started the fireplace alright, so we kept crumpling up wads of newspapers and threw them in. Sometimes we would pack the entire thing full of newspapers and close the doors before the fire caught on and started to burn the papers. Yea, we were pyros back then.

I never did find out whether or not his parents noticed that we burned the entire newspaper pile.

I remember another one of Mr McIver's gym class. We went out to Rainbow Park for sledding down the hill. Andrew, the clown that he is, decided to stand on a sled going down. Of course, he wiped out about halfway down the hill. He seemed to always be going out on weekends. When he was down here in Vancouver, it sure seemed like he had a different girlfriend every week.

That wasn't a bad thing I guess, unless you were the girlfriend.


1983 Lakewood Grad comment His Grad Comment Reads: Coates enjoys playing rugby and will eat anything that moves. His favourite past time is watching Mr. Paciejewski's hair grow.
1985 PGSS

grad comment

This track and field nut hopes to run in the next Olympics. Bones hates people who asks dumb questions, the food he makes, and claims to be born on Mount Olympus on Planet Mars.

(Ed comment: He hates the food he makes, yet he is a chef.... hmmm... What is he trying to tell us? WC)


He was one of the few people that found on classmates.com. However, that bum never checks his email and thus it was a pointless lead. It was through another friend Marty Pawluk, that I finally found out where he worked and then I visited him at his work place.

He was in Vancouver for a while, but he moved back up to Prince George and got a job working forever at Ric's Grille downtown. When I went up in 2004, he was just getting ready to transfer to Edmonton where they were opening up a Ric's Grille there. You can contact him here.