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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Joe Turner.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that we had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

I met Joel when I entered Quinson Elementary School. He was a rather overweight and big fellow. Not overly tall, but he stood like a giant. He lived down the street from me in this house with his mom and his older brother Grant.

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Joel was pretty much in the same grade as I was but he was rarely in my class. There were enough of us kids for two classes at Quinson. From the random pick, he sometimes ended up in my class.

Joel had an interest in Apple Computers and gaming consoles. He was the first guy in our block that got an Intellivision video game system. He bought tonnes of cartridges for that thing. We would spend countless hours playing mindless Astrosmash. Sea Battle and Baseball was fun but he was too good at them. Boxing was fun too but the controller inserts got wrecked from all the button pressing. I was always able to relax with 5 card stud Poker.

This is one of the most recent pictures I have of him. It was taken when he was using my Apple II on the year after we graduated in 1987.

Joel was never much into sports. I remember one Sports Day, Joel was walking back to the Open Area. I am guessing he got a bleeding nose. He gets that a lot.

I also remember Joel being the first person to claim that he found a German SS helmet in the game Castle Wolfenstien for the Apple II.

I remember back to another Sports Day, it was a day we were doing a huge tug of war. I think it was Mrs. Graves class (Joel's team) against Mr. McIver's Class (my team). Their team lost even when they had big man Joel as the anchor guy.

Joel also had a pool table in his basement. Now, I don't ever really remember playing pool on it. Well, maybe once. However, I remember setting up the green army men guys and smashing them down using pool balls. That was strangely more fun.

I remember that Joel had a dog. One evening, he told me he was going to give it away to some guy who had a farm. It would give the dog more room to run around. Then he proceeded to use the garden hose to spray water on it. The lazy man's way of giving it a bath.
On my 2004 Reunion visit of Prince George, I ran into one of my old store managers Joan at the Radio Shack in Pine Centre. She tells me a little information about Joel who also worked for Radio Shack. It was unfortunate that I was so close to getting a back in contact with Joel, when he pasted away. It would have been great to catch up after all these years.

Joel had suffered with high blood pressure and had complications due to medications and internal bleeding.

I would like to thank Lorenzo (Bill) Sia for his help for finding the Obituary out of the Citizen newspaper for me.
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