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The year is 2007.

Mikal's Wedding

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A quick and rather sudden news flash from chatting to marriage but the match is made. They had a small ceremony over on the island, and there was a luncheon for the group. Here are some of the pictures I got from the lunch.

Please click on the thumbnails to enlargen the larger pictures.

The wedding cookies.
Oh, how Otaku of him.
Yes a lucky couple indeed, look at all those "7's".
Dan and Purisma.

Joey had her hands full.
So, Uncle Warren needs to step in.
Vic, Dan and Harvey ready to eat.
The rest of our table, is Heiu and Waifu.

The other table was busy doing DS gaming.
Mikal comes walking around to do his greeting.
Chad, Rob, Harry, and Paul were busy gaming.
Dan makes his speech.

I had to make a rather impromptu speech again. You would think I learn to expect the guys for me to get up and say something. Of course, I came up with something. I linked the fact that everytime time I see Mikal in my store (as infrequent that was), he will have injured a new part of this body and SMUT. SOME of the guys with their heads in the gutter got the stabs. Jeannie didn't which was good.

Checking camera pictures as others eat!