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This a page for foods.

I enjoy many different types of food. But like anyone else, there are probably a lot of things I would rather not eat. Likewise, everyone likes to know what you think of this or that. What does it taste like? In the case of my wife, it is sometimes easier to show a picture rather than try to explain it using words.


Dumpling Soup: Little balls of rice flour are rolled and boiled in a soup with meats, mushrooms and melons. Like anything made with flour, by itself is pretty tasteless, it is the things you put into the soup that give it the flavour. It took me a while to get use to biting into the balls as they were tasteless and chewy. The sausage and mushrooms my favourite ingredients. Congee: What can only be described as rice porridge or overcooked rice in water. By itself it is flavourless however as the rice distintgrates when boiled, it gains the taste of whatever else you had in it. BBQ pork and duck are my favourites. Quite good to eat when the teeth are sore and the stomach is upset too. Egg in Soya & Black Vinegar: Sometimes referred to as sweet and sour egg. It is a boiled egg put into a soya sauce and a sweet black vinegar. Usually boiled with a meat like pork. Traditionally given to people after you have had a baby (Chinese version of the baby cigar custom). I like to cut open the egg and I use the sauce to dip into it. Some people can drink that stuff but not me...

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