Sakura Con 2002 Report


I would also like to take this chance to thank Daisuke Suzuki and Chad Ma for the pictures from his camera. I would also like to thank,, for taking some of the pictures that I was unable to when I didn't have my camera ready. Please click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.


So what is with Asuka from Evangelion this year? It is not like the voice actor showed up or anything... Must be some weird fetish...

Maids and uniforms was a big thing. One of the nicest costumes I saw was a Hand Maid May. She is from the Vancouver area. She came up to me because she recognized me. After playing a game of Para Para, she remembered who I was. I was at Space Rush in Richmond on the Para Para machine, and she and her friend was on the DDR 5th Mix machine. During my routine, my right hand drifted a bit too far and I smacked her. Of course, I apologized and she laughed it off.

Many people commented that her USB connector was too large, but if you think about scale, the 1/6th scale May had a USB connector, to scale, the human sized one would have a much larger connector. So large we would have to call her SCSI May.

As for other maids, I will let you guess what gender these ones are...

Sorceror Hunters was also another popular series to do cosplay for especially when you get to Chocolate costume. Of course, the hotel would probably have a problem with the S&M outfits and the exposure of the breasts on a woman. So the solution, get a man to wear it. Yea... I didn't need to see that....

You may recognize her from page one. She also does a Sakura and a Katsumi costume. She was certainly the busy one!

Fushigi Yugi also had a lot of costumes. I won't bother with a lot of the seiyus because their costumes sort of get muddled with all the traditional Chinese dress ones.

But their were lots of Miaka/Yui uniforms.


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