Sakura Con 2002 Report

I would also like to take this chance to thank Daisuke Suzuki and Chad Ma for the pictures from his camera. I would also like to thank,, for taking some of the pictures that I was unable to when I didn't have my camera ready. Please click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.


Ranma is also a popular series with some very easy costumes to make. I give good credits to the Ukyo!


Here are some more of your stock Halloween Vampires. Although, I have to give credit to the guy who did the D!


I travelled to Sakura Con with Daisuke but we had some others in the room too.

Nathaniel and Thomas (as One Piece characters). along with their friend Misong were also with us.

Thomas needs smut, you can reach him at [email protected] ho ho ho!


The series Inu Yasha had more uniforms and Dog Eared people walking around. Even so much that one such Kagome chased down another Inu Yasha in the arcade room.

A couple of big Digiko's from Digi Carat. One particular girl was really good at Para Para Paradise, and was able to finish her set of three songs in Expert Mode with the Digiko costume on.

Here is a Lady Ann and Zechs from Gundam Wing.

Here are the doctor and Tylor from Irresponsible Captian Tylor.

People were not the only things sporting the weirdness of us Otakus. This was what Daisuke found in the parking lot.

Kid getting dragged off, literally..

Contrary to popular belief, this is a guy. He can also play Para Para too. His girlfriend made him wear this on Saturday. She can been seen on the DDR 4th Mix machine later.

The idol from Perfect Blue.

Here is a Tenchi Jurai costume. I do believe he is from Alberta. His girlfriend was the best female Para Para player as she did her homework and memorized the moves.

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