Sakura Con 2002 Report


I spent a most of my Sakura Con time either in the DDR/Para Para room, sleeping, or in the Dealer's Room. Oh and of course, standing in line. So I was able to see lots of other people dressed up in costumes. Some of them very good. Some of them... ahem... and some of them just shouldn't be wearing that... Remember Spandex is a privilege not a right!

I would also like to take this chance to thank Daisuke Suzuki and Chad Ma for the pictures from his camera. I would also like to thank,, for taking some of the pictures that I was unable to when I didn't have my camera ready. Please click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.


By far the most popular costume this year is from Trigun. It is all because of the English voice actor is at this con. Big Deal. Give US Nightow anyday!!


There was also one female Wolfwood I saw in the Para Para room which had a miniature gun which was neat.


Final Fantasy was also a big popular one. Lots of Yunas from X and girls from VII and guys from VIII.

Video game characters is always a good choice. Of course, fighting games is the first on most people's list.

The most boring of course is Ryu and Dan and Ken because those guys can be also Ryo of King Of Fighters, and Genma and Soun of Ranma plus more.

This chick really looks good in her Katsumi of DOA costume, and her Sakura of SF2. The Sakura on the end, I will let you figure out if it is male or female...

Here is a Jun from Tekken, Trunks from Dragonballl Z and Inu Yasha.

Beside that is a Super Saiyan Gouki from Street Fighter.

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