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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Monday, May 22, 2006

We are going back to Zhongshan Lu Square to map it out. I usally do mapping alone since I can cover more area. And truthfully, the other person will most likely get bored at how I have to pay attention to little things like directions of streets and names.

We went into a real big book store at the start of Zhongshan Lu starting at the Chairman Mau statue. I will also note his hand is saluting and pointing down Zhongshan Lu. I bought quite a few DVDs at the store. We continued down and went back to the DVD store where we found the Stephen Chow 50 DVD Box Set. It was 420 yuan ($60 cdn).

We found a number of small office stores down Tainyuan Street.

We had lunch at the new Europaer which is now located with the rest of the fashion stores on Tainyuan Street. They were advertisting for a circus coming up, so I posed by their elephant.

There was also a big car display set up from Buick. They are showcasing their new car the 2007 Lacross. Right beside them, a bunch of rapper wanabes under the name Bugs 2006, are on a stage doing break dancing moves. Wow, I haven't seen that kinda down on the cardboard breaking and that kinda poppin' ever since movies like Breakin', Fame, and Shannon's Music Video "Let The Music Play". Well, if you are a dead beat DJ or a wannabe breaker with nothing better do, come to China. Hip Hop is the lastest craze in their music now, so maybe you can capitalize on it.

We went to XingZhongshan Market to do shopping for breads. We bought the wrong type it was too. On our way out, Ami decides to buy a McDonalds strawberry sundae.

Man that was real disgusting ice cream. The strawberry syrup coating is fine. But that ice cream was horrible. Maybe I haven't had the stuff for a long time but it sure has gone downhill since the last time I remember trying it.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
My Meal at Europaer

Ok, since Europaer is suppose to be a European restaurant it isn't suppose to count. But this is the Asian slant on a European idea. I guess.

I noticed from last year, they fixed up and added better pizzas. They also took my suggestion and now have steak knives. Remember, last year I filled out a comment card, I guess someone was listening. Incidently, there is a weiner pizza on the menu...

The pizza I picked was the Europaer Super Pizza. It was not bad but I didn't like mushrooms even though they were the right type. It also had brocolli on it, but those were easy to remove. Other than that, the pizza crust was dry enough, and strong enough to hold a pizza slice with one hand. The meats on the pizza was good and Italian sausage was right rather than mystery meat weiners.
I draw your attention to my Black Pepper Steak. They rank how prepared it is from 1 being not cooked (rare) to 7 being cooked the longest (well done). I picked 3 figuring it would medium rare. Well, this was what a 3 was. This Sirlion Pasta combo is what Ami ordered. I draw you attention that she ordered a 5 which would expect to be a Medium well. Pretty red for a medium but there you go. And remember 7 is as high as it goes.

Oh if you are wondering what the cost of the meal was... The pizza was a small 8" for 56 yuan ($8.00 Cdn), Pepper Steak was 48 yuan ($7.00 Cdn), and the Sirlion Combo was 25 yuan ($4.00 Cdn). The difference is of course is her beef has a lot more fat on it.