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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Today we needed to go to the bank. There was some kind of clothing expo thing in the building beside the bank. It was like a huge showmart like thing that we normally have at the PNE. Most people were selling silk things. There were a couple people selling appliances and gadget house hold items, like the magic mop. There were even a few people buying dried goods. There were quite a few people looking today. I dunno if it is like this every day, but certianly it isn't everyday kinda stuff.

We walked around a bit looking for a CD store. Then we doubled back to Fengyuantan Jie to get a piece of pipe. Well, it was rather thin and a bit small, but it will do. Now gotta find some duct tape and I think I will be in business.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Hefei Baifu Food's Peanut Balls

I actually tried my first bag while at B&Q where I saw my first automated vending machine. Normally, I would see some poor country person on a bike or cart selling drinks or snacks on the street. But inside he B&Q, there is fully modern candy bar, smokes and snack machine.

This thing is basically peanuts with a flour based shell around it. It is crispy and can be hot or just plain. The one I got has a small kick of spice to it. It is very much like a dry roasted nut that we have here but there is more of floury coating to it. I guess to give the spices more to stick to peanut. I guess that is why this thing can be a hot spicy honey roasted peanut as opposed to your regular style of roasted peanut where it is just mostly salted.

I like it but it has proven to be hard to find. Carre Four and Fu Market does not carry this product at this time.