China 2006 Report

This is some of the stories and pictures from the China 2006 Trip.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chapter 3

We are now back in Shanghai again. We are heading to another shopping type district, Xiangyang Road Market. It is known as Fashion Street because it was the home of the Huating Road Clothes Street. It is a place that has many old and famous tea houses, restaurants and antique shops. The most disturbing thing is how much Western influence and money is coming into this area. As shown below, it is bad enough we have Starbucks Coffee beside the traditional Chinese tea houses, but out in the street market, there is a random assortment of foreigners trying of flog off their wares too. They obviously have some grasp of Chinese as well as the knowledge of jack prices up, and flogging off bootlegs. It is just a sad state of affairs. I just hope that it doesn't turn out to be like Chinatown in San Francisco, where it seems like 50% of the stores are not even owned/run by Chinese people.

Entrance to Fashion Street.
Famous restaurant where many famous politicians have come to eat here.
Ningbo's restaurants.
Yes, even that horrid Starbucks Coffee from Seattle has reached it's tentacles out here.

more restaurants
We ate here. Note that mass of people on the left hand side of passageway is the line up.
People from our tour group in front the cook's window.
Shanghai famous dumplings. It is basically a pork and crab pot sticker, just more expensive.

Deep fried Shrimp ball.
After eating the 6 dumplings, this is how much oils and water came out. Just think most people suck this juice up went eating this dumpling.
More restaurant.


and more.
Some deep fried dough thing. Very tasty but very oily. Want do you expect for deep fried?
The front of the Fashion Street area.

outside on the market street level looking back.
Their idea of a dollar store, or more accurately the Daisho (2 yen) Store, this is the 2 Yuan store.
Me at the entrance of Fashion Street.
The menu from the restaurant we ate the oil filled dumplings