China 2006 Report

This is some of the stories and pictures from the China 2006 Trip.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chapter 4

Ok, the first picture is an example of my fear. Here we have in the Fashion district a Chinese Middle Eastern Lamb kabob place. Note it is not even run by Chinese people anymore. Well, I guess that is another kind of "foreign investment" that happening here.

Never did really know why Ami bought the kabob thing even though we were heading to our tour meeting place.

We are at an Arab or East Indian Kabob type of restaurant.
They were making some kind of lamb kabob. A bit salty but very good.
Our meeting place was right on the end of the district for lunch.
Our pork cubes, it is almost like stewing beef. Good with the rice.

Beef, good but it needs some of the side dishes to round it off.
Potato. A side dish of sliced sticks stir fried.
Eggs and tomato. This is lame, the water from the tomatoes make the scrambled eggs soggy. But it is better than the soup version of it.
Leak Soup. The green leak with a bit of parsley is a pretty lame soup.

Chicken in Onion. This thing was drowning in melted onions and oyster sauce.
Lame fish where they tried to spice it up a bit with red peppers.
Su choi - a side dish only.
Moto GP is really getting hyped up here with these ads on the freeway. Every other pole along this freeway has this ad.

Not the Brilliant tower in the background.
The tower with the glowing point.
Another office tower.

Shot from the window of hotel of shipard not so far away.
The Expressway. The lot to the left is a Volvo warehouse.

After the fashion district, we headed to the hotel by taxi, while the rest of the group went to the Shanghai Urban Development Building. We went there already on our first day. Our hotel was another in the middle of industrial district hotel. As shown in the last pictures, it is so close to the shipyard, and right beside the expressway. The trucks are roaring by all night. I will also note that the windows are not double sealed units, there are two sets of these windows, to make a 4 paned window set. And that dulls it down to a quiet roar...