China 2006 Report

This is some of the stories and pictures from the China 2006 Trip.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chapter 1

Today, right after our lame breakfast is a long trip to the West Lake. This lake is the symbol of Hangzhou City. Legend has it a jewel fell from heaven. Scientifically, it is a naturally formed lagoon with some human help. There are many beautiful moments to be at this lake to witness different things ranging from Melting Snow at Broken Bridge, Spring Dawn on the Saudi Causeway, Sunset Over Leifeng Hill, Lotus In The Breeze At Crooked Courtyard, and Autumn Moon On Calm Lake on the top 5 list by tourists. Well, by the time we are arriving, I think the only thing we get to see is the roaring crowd of the tourists...

The lake was much larger, 5.6 km2 and a circumference of 9 miles. However, weeds and silt both built up and the lake shrank. Su Dongpo supervised the dredging of the lake in 1089 built the 2.8 km Sudi Causeway out of silt, grass, peach and willow trees.

Our boring breakfast. The only real new things are the plain muffins and the bean curd.
Entrance sign of the West Lake.
A view of the lake in the early morning.
Boat Tour area of the lake.

The lake and the pavillon on the other side if I was bothered to hire a boat.
Ie. one of these things.
Along the bridge.
A tour boat, which we didn't bother with.

An island we could go to but no point today.
Entrance to garden.
The fourth character is the most important in this phrase.
The Hidden Pavillion, I guess it a better job is needed to hide it.

Another quiet lake.
Crap feeding pond. Unfortunately, there was no feed the fish today. Probably worried that someone might poison them. Either that or they would be over fed.
Nice rocky out point.
A nice lagoon.

Rocks in front of the Hidden Pavillion. Again, not a very good job hiding the thing.
The pink flowers are Sweet Osmanthus, the flower for Hangzhou City. This batch is growing right on the rock.
To the top where the Hidden Pavillion is.