China 2006 Report

This is some of the stories and pictures from the China 2006 Trip.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chapter 2

Part of the lake is a museum for a person named Su Dongpo (1037 - 1101). He is also known as Su Shi, Zi Zhang or Dongpo , was a very famous poet in the Song Dynasty. Although he was banished to Hangzhou for five years for opposing the Emperor over radial reforms. He rose back from this by being appointed the Governor of Hangzhou. It was at this time, he began the project of dredging of West Lake.

There was a rather amusing story in the first picture here in the Peony Garden. It is a rather nice looking patch of flowers. Very good for a photo shoot. Well, there was a young couple in our tour group ahead of us taking a shot of this patch of flowers. The petit woman was wearing a peach coloured soft jacket on. As the woman was sitting actually more like draped over the rocks that I am shown sitting on, and her husband was taking the pictures on their rather crappy Samsung camera which looked more like cellphone than a camera; I yelled out the words "Come on, make it look more SEXY!" I really don't think they understood any words except for the word SEXY. So after I took my shot, as seen in picture one; the couple decided to take another picture, this time she took off the jacket where she was wearing this open shoulder top which revealed more skin. Hahaa! I think they got the hint.

Me by the aromatic part of the Peony Garden. And yes, this is probably the freshest and nicest smelling part of the entire Shanghai area.
The calm lake
The spot where the fresh water enters the lake.
Su Dongpo's museum.

The lake view from the top floor balcony of Su's museum.
The next infomerical place : Hangzhou famous Longjing Tea. Ami bought some for my mom as a present.
A shot of the tea fields.

Oh what a surpise, lame fish... AGAIN.

Chicken in carrots. Only the chicken is worth eating.
Egg pudding. Digusting by itself.
Beef patty with lobak. Mom cooks this stuff all the time. Lacking a few other ingredients but good.
Lots of cabbage. boring...

Tofu. Waste of a plate.
Chicken with green peppers. Well a small improvment, meat.
Pork. The usual fatty and oily pieces of pork right near the skin.
Another place infomerical place to see more tea. This time with the weird flowers in it. Strangely enough, more people from our group bought this stuff.

The highway freeway system entering Shanghai.
This is for my friend Dylon who is a GP buff. Moto GP 2006 Shanghai, these posters were posted on the freeway, on EVERY second pole.
I guess they don't have access to duct tape the same way Red Green does, so the next best thing, Packing tape...

Spotted this bus on the way to the Antique/Fashion Market.

The second place we travelled to is a place that makes the famous Hangzhou City Longjing tea (picture 6 above). The lecture (sales pitch) was rather boring as usual as it goes over some history and preperation and crap like that. The nice thing was that they did serve a sample of the tea and provided refills for the tea too. Well it did provide me with some time to type more of this log in.