China 2006 Report

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This morning is a day we go on our tour. We have the morning to ourselves until 12:00 noon. We woke up rather early, but it gave us time to go look for good breakfast food. We wander through the Nanjing Street but was not in there. We had walked around for a bit before we stopped into a shop that was set up more like a McDonalds but it served breakfast things. We ordered and went upstairs to eat it.

Nanjing Street in the morning looks different than at night. Many stores have their employees ballroom dancing (where the SK II banner is), tai-chi, and drum drilling; all in the street.
Big screen TV in front of the Shanghai theatre and the Civic Planning Centre.
The Shanghai Civic Planning Exhibit. Wow, Vancouver should get one of these and stick to the plan.
Oh no! They are invading us from Seattle! But still, they are a horrible place to have breakfast.

Ground view picture of the Brilliance Shimao International Plaza building during day hours.
The Brilliance building from the side view. Notice how the tower part is so thin.
Upstairs table for breakfast. Here is what we ordered...

Crab-beef shumei : quite simply it is a normal dim-sum beef shumei with a single spot of crab on the top (shown in orange) of the bun. I really don't taste a huge difference between regular shumei and this stuff. My only complaint is that this stuff when hot has a ton of oil trapped inside. I generally pierce the skin and let it all drain then eat. Other people like to suck out the juices first before eating.
Wonton Soup : Ok, it may not be exactly as I envision it. The coating for the wontons are actually rice flour. The greens is parsley and leak which are over powering taste to eat alone but they needed to flavour the soup.
Chinese Donut : I forgot that I ordered this as well. Mostly used when eating congee but this place uses it as much as McDonalds uses fries.
Back to our shopping of Nanjing Street and a walk through the People's Park.

Some Engrish at one of the CD/VCD/DVD shops I went into.
Ami standing in front of the People's Museum.
Me in front of the museum. It costs 20 yuan to go in and there wasn't much the looked interested so we passed.
The brown pigeon harassing the other pigeons. The grey one eventually flew away.

Just outside the museum was many people feeding the pigeons. A woman was selling a small bag of bird seed and popcorn seeds for 1 yuan.
We bought three to used to take some pictures. While we were feeding, we noticed this brown pigeon being overly aggressive with other pigeons.
It is surprising to see how people friendly these birds are considering, people over here look at them as food!

Put the small seeds into one little pile and...

...let them fight over it!!