China 2006 Report

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chapter 2

Continuing on with the walk about the shopping district here are some of the things I round interesting. With that we also went into the exhibit for Shanghai's Public Urban Planning Exhibition Centre.

Inisde the Planning exhibit is a relief model of the city.
Area around the Bund, kinda like a Stanley Park look out of the harbor.
Close up of the shopping district as well as the Bund.
Notice all the litle apartments and how many of them.

Rows of apartments.
City core.
Area around the Bund.
City Core.

Me inside the F-1 car simulator. It is pretty sad. A Logitech Thrust Master driving wheel, automatic gears, with graphics as bad as Sega GP on a Genesis. Have a look click here.
Official F-1 Race gear merchandise available for sale.
More smaller F-1 Gear in the counter display case.
I was mucking around one of the display terminals and all of the sudden... 404 error. oops. I broke it.
The plans for the airport.
The airport.
My lunch (was Ami's), beef donburi from Yoshinya.

We still had a little time left to browse for a CD/DVDs. We found a shop where I noticed that bit of Engrish in the last chapter. I have seemed to spent a little too much time and we were pressed for time to eat lunch. As a result, we went back to Nanjing Street to the Japanese restaurant, Yoshinya. We had to order to go. I had ordered the deluxe beef tray, and she ordered the beef donburi. I didn't know that she had ordered beef too, so when I opened the bag, I saw the beef donburi on the top which I proceeded to eat.

We had a problem with our key card for the room. I guess they expired the key card a few minutes before check out time 12:00 noon. I sat in the hallway eatting the food, which was beef donburi. Only later, when Ami came back with the key card fixed, she got angry at me for eating her lunch. That's ok, she had mine. In retrospect, the beef donburi actually tasted better than the beef dish thing I ordered.

We gathered our things and checked out, and headed to travel office which was still in the shopping district. We only had to wait for short time, for the group of 47 people of some young couples, some old couples, 5 newly married couples, 2 people from India, 1 person from Malyasia, 2 people from Chinese people who lives Canada and 1 Chinese woman who studied in France.

We start our trip with a long a four hour drive to the next city. It is Nanjing City, we arrive around 5:00pm and we check in near a famous street and temple bridge.