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Fame And Achievements

Well, what is there to say. Most people in the world unless they become like a music star, or a baseball player or go into global politics are destined to become nobodys. All normal people can do is just do the best that they can do in what they know how to do and sometimes that window of opporunity will open and you will be at the right place at the right time to do something that you can make your mark on the world.

What is important is not whether you can go and run a 28 mile marathon; instead, if you set a skill testing personal goal to yourself and you can not only meet but surpass that goal, this is its own reward in itself in the book of life. I am sure "William Chow" will not become a house hold name like "Michael Jordon" or "Michael Jackson" or heck even "Michael J Fox" but in my own little way, I have my own influence and my own fans.

Below is a list of some of the worthwhile things I remember doing, Click on the item you would like to see pictures and descriptions for.



Appearances on National Radio
I have called in and have been interviewed for national radio.    Here are some audio for you to listen to.

I started to publish this web site, Aniki On Line. Here is what the web site started to look like at the beginning.
I ran my own store Anime Jyanai for over 10 years. My store housed an impressive anime library of videos and retail products for the otakus in Vancouver. See archive site here.
Headed the largest anime society in Vancouver, VJAS; for over 10 years. As a spin off of Arctic, I lead an organization called VJAS for helping the spreading the appreiciation of anime in Vancouver. See archive site here.
Created one of the key figure head fansubbing groups, "Arctic Animation". In the early history of Japanese Animation in North America, distribution and comprehension was one of the biggest hurdles that we English speaking people had with anime. This company I created was the answer to both these problems. The group was so successful it spawned and brought many North Americans into the artform called Japanese Animation. See this dedication page.

Pioneered what is known in anime as "Fansubbing".

Back in the late 1980's, Japanese Animation was making a small niche hit over here in North America. Problem was not many US companies translated and produced the Japanese material. Thus I took a process known as "fan subbing" short for Fan subtitling, and went on to make a company known in anime circles as "Arctic Animation". We produced subtitled anime for the English speaking community for over 10 years, translating and titling over 1200 movies and TV episodes from Japanese to English including big names like Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, Patlabor, Sailor Moon, Miracle Girls, Red Riding Hood Cha Cha, Nurse Angel, G Gundam, ZZ Gundam and Heavy Metal L-Gaim. I disbanded, Arctic Animation late 1999, to allow the new generation of kids continue the process by using digitial sampling and internet technology, this is known as "digital fan subbing".

Top Sales team for Radio Shack Western Canada's District for 1994.

I was awarded a plaque from Radio Shack for $178,000 in sales. I ranked in the top 10 for all of Western Canada region.

I scored 98% on the provincial Algebra 12 exam.

In 1985, on my Grade 12 exam, I scored a 98% on the provincial exam. Only reason that I didn't get 100% was that nobody could score a perfect. LAME.

Scored high enough on provincial scholarship exams to get $1000 for university.

Ranked in the top 5% of grade 12 students for the province.