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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Today, we picked up the pictures from photo store early since it will probably take all afternoon to do it. Well, close. We got them at 9:00am and I just finished them at 2:00pm.

In that time the sky when from a foggy smoggy day to really really dark. So dark, I couldn't read by it at noon. Then like brick wall, lightning and a shower of rain with intense wind. It blew by in less than 20 minutes then we got light again. It happened again at around 2:30pm where it suddenly got really really dark, then a blast of lighting and heavy heavy rain.

The second time, I actually used the opporutnity to swab down the inner balcony since there was so much water collecting up out there it was a good time to go over it with a mop.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Lay's Potato Chips "Cucumber Flavour"

Well, I am guessing it is an Asian thing. I don't like cucumbers but lets try these chips out and see what is so COOL about them. They are not.

In North America, this chip would have been a dill pickle flavour chip. It is a regular chip with green little specks of flavour on it. Right? Well, it looks like the Asian market doesn't dig pickles all that much. So they are trying with cucumbers.

Ok, it starts tasting like I think a dill pickle does but it stops. It becomes "watered down" which is guess that is what the inside of the cumcumber is suppose to be. So in that sense yes, it does resemble that flavour. The flavour is subtle unlike dill pickle flavour.

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