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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The bad air continues today. It doesn't seem as bad as it was yesterday although I woke up at 4:00pm today too. There is like this smog fog layer over all the tall buildings that even the noon sun doesn't burn off.

Today we take that form we got in the mail from the embassy and get it filed. It requires Ami's ex-husband to sign a statement which basically says that he may not be able to see Alexanderia anymore if she decides to go to Canada. He is still playing alimony till she is 18, but he only rarely sees her. I am told maybe only once a year at best.

We head down to the office, the same office we went to before to get Ami's birth certificate and ID and passports notarized for the embassy. He was already there. He was about the same height as Ami, sporting a short black spiked up haircut like many Asian wear nowadays. He was carrying a small camera case which he didn't have a camera but man he had a lot of money in there. I remember exchanging over 7000 yuan last year and my stack of 100's didn't look as big as his bad that he had. Anyway we filled out our forms and paid our money and let the notary do her thing. They would be ready by 3:00pm.

Alright a walk down to Happy Family Mall, since we had time to kill. I wanted to buy that manga set of King of Fighters. When we got there the mall was packed! It was kid's day at the mall and looks like everyone is bringing their kids in. The games level was packed full. It was the first time I have seen all the games in action and people using the stuff. The kids were doing the carnival games and playing the machines. The arcade was packed however the second Ez 2 Dance game was turned off and the Percussion Freaks game was not working "CD Drive Error". Well, that was a bummer.

So we go out to the street to Yoshinya and KFC to get some food using the coupons we got out of the bags of Lay's Chips. The curry beef at Yoshiya was very good although more expensive and less rice than the beef donburi.

I waited at home for Alexanderia to come home by bus at 3:00pm. Ami went back downtown to get the notarized papers so she didn't get back in the house till 3:40pm.

We had to pack up a few clothes, foods, water, camera for Alexanderia. She is going on a school field trip to Dali City and Dandong City.

On the way to the station, I asked her many questions about school life. I will write a better report about how a teenager does school over here in the next day or so.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Copico Potato Chips "Tomato Flavour"

Ok, I had to admit the only reason I bought this one to try is because it had the famous guy on the front cover. He is famous singer Zhou Jie Lun. He face also appears on the front of 100% noodles too.

So other than being an advertising whore, is this product any good. Well, I personally think the singer sucks, but does that mean the product sucks. Well, yea... Copico kind of got a bad name by having horrible customer service when they had some bad products in the past. This is not exactly a good product either. The chip itself is almost a direct copy of the Pringles chips you get in a long tube can. Of course, being loose like this, you often get a lot of broken chips unlike what you would normally find in a can of Pringles. The flavour is tomato, and yes it does taste like tomato,

Problem with the chip, we open the bag of chips just before noon at around 11am, it is now 2pm and the chips are totally numb. They don't even crunch anymore. They just became soft and stale within 3 hours. Pretty bad.