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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Saturday, May 20, 2006

We will go to Ami's parents around noon again in order to pick up Alexanderia from the bus loop and meet with her brother's wife.

First we decided to walk down to the bus loop . We took a rather long way around but it allowed me to find a small arcade near her mom's place. Unfortunately, it only has a Rock Fever 3 machine and a lot of generic game consoles.

We arrived at the bus loop early and the bus was late. We went to her parents place for lunch. Alexanderia had to make it back for 3:00pm for her piano lessons. I took the opporunity to talk a walk around and do some mapping. I mapped the area around her mom's house and how it connects to Zhongshan Lu.

I came across a whole pile of Internet places. But this one caught my eye the most on Shiping Jie near 13 Weilu. A real anime themed one.

It was getting late so I wasn't able to map out the Zhongshan Lu corridor so I will have to leave that for another day. I walked over to the train station and caught a cab from there.

From one end of Heping District, across Heping into Shenhe, and about half way through Shenhe district is about 13 yuan ($2.00) taxi ride. If you are foreigner like me, you better have clear instructions on where you are going. Of course, if you just need a place like airport, then that is easy enough. If you say "Carre Four" or "Happy Family", most drivers will know where such stores are. Otherwise, a business card with maybe a cross streets would be very helpful getting you to where you need to without having to further illustrate how bad you speak Manderin.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Deshi brand Strawberry Ice Cream Stick

Ok, this thing had a rather interesting Korean artwork looking picture on the package. I was only given this with the notion that it was ice cream. The only English on the package is on the back where it says "Product picture for indication only." What? An indication that your translation program SUCKS!

On with the food. I open this thing up and it is basically like a popsiscle or any of those ice cream frozen on a stick. Now the package has symbols of strawberries so I was expecting something a bit more red or pink but this thing was white. Ok, maybe it was just vanilla on the outside and strawberries on the inside. So I bit on it. Indeed the centre has a pinkish strawberry tasting ice even with bits of strawberry too. It doesn't taste too bad. Not too artifical tasting, and it has even natural bits to it too. I would try this again, although I wonder if they have chocolate...