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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today went to do errands.

A visit to the bank to pay the gas bill. A short trip to Carre Four to buy some small snacking food, for the Experimental Food Section.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
S.H.E. endorsed 3+2 Crackers

Ok, if there is a female band that is the advertising pimp's dream, it is S.H.E. They are the hottest three female singing group in China now with their 7th album out now. They are also helping with the Chinese version of an idol show called "Super Girls". Well, they already sold themselves to Coke, cell phones, and idol shows. They have their own line of girls shoes and clothes sold at Daphne stores. So, obviously they have nothing better to do with their fame except stamp their names on more food.

This is basically a cracker cream sandwich. As shown in the picture, the first false piece of advertising is that there is no way they give you enough cream in the center of the cracker to make it look like it does on the front cover of the package. I have put a sample cracker on the outside of the package for comparison. It is essentially a non-salted soda cracker with a vanilla cream and chocolate cream centre. It is such a tiny bit, that it doesn even cover one quarter of the cracker. How does it taste? Well, the cracker is nothing special. It is basically like a basic soda cracker with no salt and no flavouring. The chocolate is the basic wafer chocolate, same that is used in many chocolate centre cookies. Much can be said with the vanilla too. Why would you buy this crap? Because it has 3 cute chicks on the front of the package...