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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Monday, May 15, 2006

The first place we went to go today is to the police station to get Alexanderia's photo id updated and fixed. After that, we send her back to school. Poor girl. hhahahhaa!!!

So first place was the police station. I stood at the front door and waited for them out in the lobby. I noticed on the wall was several posters with the common laws and pictures put up. I guess it is the same as you normally see in the yellow pages about first aid or emergency disaster procedures. Most of them are pretty common sense but I spotted a few funny ones, try and guess the crime in the picture.

Come here little girls....

Yamatte Oneichan!

I don't see the problem. Happy officer, happy audience and happy actors on the screen...

After a good laugh at the police station, it was off to Alexanderia's school. Now, this is my first time here. First of all, it is all the way out in the countryside, that is 30-40 minutes out of town. It isn't so much countryside as farmland, it is more like industrial and factory and warehouse district. Definitely in the middle of fucking no where. Everything out here is essentially a gated community. There is no convience stores, no malls, no fast food, not even people with carts selling their shit.

I found out why as Alexanderia was entering her school. First of all, me and Ami could not go in. The guard had to come out of his guard house to open the small door in the gate to let her in. The door in the gate is padlocked closed! When she got it, she had to sign in a book to re cord her as being "checked in". Ami tells me, they don't let anyone in, and for that matter, don't let anyone out either. This is when I learn that the complex is more like a prison. I mean short of the armed guards and the barbed wire on the outer fence, this place has the atmosphere of a minimial security prison or detention centre. Well, I guess that is what it takes for "higher" education.

We headed back to Carre Four to buy some A4 paper and some envelopes for our Visa application. I also bought more experimental foods.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Betty Crocker's Bugles - Fish and Chips Flavour

Today, I was hoping for something different and got something else. Ok, fish nuggets deep fried in a batter and French Fries with ketcup. It sounds like a pretty normal junk food combo. I am sure you visualizing what I am talking about. Ok, so I try these corn snacks, with this expectation. However, I was not getting this taste. Instead I am getting the taste of cuttle fish. These rotten things taste like cuttle fish, how lame. I feel as though they cheated an used their cuttle fish chips/flakes receipe and rolled them into Bugle cones.