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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Friday, May 12, 2006

Today is walk down "West Street" to look for my discount DVDs. It is actually a stretch of CD/VCD and DVD shops right across the old Wuai Market on FengyuTun Li. There are many good cd shops full of cheap stuff. The store that ripped me off last year is no longer there, hey that is no suprise. But unfortunately, the store with the second floor full of DVDs is also gone so that is bad too. The average price of the cheap DVDs is about 5 or 8 yuan. Some as low as 2 yuan and some up by 15 yuan if they are really new and with jewel cases. For example: King Kong in a DVD case.

I quickly found Jackie Chan's Myth but haven't found the movie Jackie Cheung "Snow Wolf Lake" for my mom yet.

I also bought some Centrum brand multi vitamins since if I am getting canker sores, it is an indication that my immune system is getting weak. We also got rubbing alcohol for my wrists. Ami knows how to massage pressure points in the head and in the arms and legs so a little of this stuff really helps. It is not like I am getting Carpal Tunnel, but I have been getting almost random soreness in my hands.

We stopped into a KFC today. The new thing on their menu was a skewer chicken on a stick. I tried it out. It basically is a cube of chicken barbequed and stuck on a long stick. It is rather spicy, as I think they covered it in that hot pepper stuff that they love to put on everything up north here. My only compliant is that they use a pretty bad piece of the chicken for this. The cubes are not bone free. Considering that it is small cube smaller than a McNugget, one would have hoped that it would a boneless breast piece. Nope.

When I was showering today, I used the skuffing stone on my bite that I applied lidocane on yestersday. Yup, it worked well. Maybe too well, I tore the top layer of dead skin off and it started to bleed. It is now that I find out Ami doesn't have any band aids. Great..

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Dong Guan Hsu-Chi Food's "Sesame Sachima"

Well this stuff comes wrapped in a squarish cube. It at first looks like a Rice Crispy square. When opening the plastic there is this stickiness to it so it starts resembling a Crispy square. I bite into it. It is not hard like crispy rice. It is more soft and mushy. I has the consistancy of moist cheeze puff. It has a soft mush like inside core but with a slightly harder and more dried surface. As for the taste, it really is kinda tasteless. It has a slight fragrance of sweetness but I didn't get that impression. It tastes more like those Egg Roll cookies in a metal can. I can't help to think it should have been crisper but somehow they or it is screwed up and it ended up soggy. After about 5 bites, I threw this one away.