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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Today, is the end of the holiday in China. That means it is the day we have to ship Alexanderia back to school. Poor kid. hahahhahaa. She has an exam the first day she gets back. Poor kid. hahahahhahaaa!! And the day after too. Poor kid. hahahhahaha! I can laugh because I have been through all this torture called school, and I don't miss it a bit. Just the friends and lifestyle. Oh, stay tuned for next Saturday... Parent Teacher meeting...

Me and Ami had to go to computer town to buy blank CDRs. I didn't realize it was actually kinda hard to find some that was a name brand. And I don't mean something stupid like Benq or Acer brand. Something decent like a Fuji or TDK was actually kinda hard. But we managed to find some, I bought 10 of them for 28 yuan ($4 cdn). I also had to buy 2 case fans for the new computer case. It was kinda hard finding a booth that sold new ones, but after a bit we came across one, 15 yuan for 2, especially a dollar each fan. We also found a combo set LG PS2 keyboard with matching PS2 optical mouse, 60 yuan for the package ($8.57 Cdn for the set). So good deals all around.

We bought food for her at Yoshinya. It is favourite beef and rice. We will hide it on her so she will eat it for dinner instead of lunch.

We take the taxi to the bus loop to drop her off. I will call it the prison bus now, and after my report next week you will know why.

We now go off to met up with her friend. I met with her last year. I helped her scan a picture of herself for the internet. Well, she has met a Korean man, and has met him and has married him already. Wow, I thought I was fast. Anyway, she is all set to buy an airplane ticket to Korea, so we went to dinner for her friends.

We meet at one of these hotel karaoke restaurants. It is basically a karaoke box, with dining rooms in each of the rooms so you can eat and drink, then sing and dance. Well, there was like her friend, 2 older women with her, a mother and her daughter came in later, two men whom one left early, and later her friend's daughter came in. Well, just that many people polished off a case (12 bottles - 500ml each at 8%) plus 5 bottles of beer. The 2 daughters didn't have booze they had peach juice and milk. One of the older women, whom I will refer to as the copy mother (she is not really a mother but would make a good one) she is like the party animal. She first drinks too much, she sings well, she dances with anyone including pulling me on the dance floor for a waltz twice.

The karaoke machine was a Korean one, so at first when I was looking at the book, there was only Japanese and Chinese songs. I was worried I was going to have to do "Forever Love" by X Japan or "Love Phantom" by B'z or "Dan Dan" by Zard, or "Just Communication" by Two Mix all of which I really don't know if I could do without Daisuke's help. Fortunately, I did find the Korean book, which is Korean and English. That allowed me to do "Eyes On You" by Faye Wong and "Careless Whisper" by Wham.

They also had a disco trance set which is like a non-stop mix of rather fast beat music. No singing, just a lot of beats. I did a whole bunch of DDR, Para Para, old break moves to about 4 songs. They finally stopped it and I was able to take a break. Needless to say, I think even the daughters were amazed that the old man can dance. I would like to thank all my arcade experience for that. Ami already knows I can keep up to pace with some of the kids on a Ez Do Dance 2 Machine at Happy Family Mall.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Oishi Brand Popcorn, Earl Grey Tea Flavour

I tried this really weird mixture of nouns. Popcorn and "Earl Grey Tea". Yes, sounds weird.

It is made by Oishi brand foods. Open the bag, it looks just like any other caramel popcorn. It actually has a nice tea like scent.

And when I taste it at first tastes like there is no difference. But carefully trying to find the difference between this and say something like Cracker Jack. Well, it isn't that caramel sweet taste. I mean there is still a syrup like sweetness on the popcorn but it isn't that same sweet on caramel. I also notice that my hands are not a disgusting mess like it would be aftering eating a pak of Cracker Jack. Now for the big question, does it taste like Earl Grey Tea? I know a tea person like my friend Rob would have a long answer for this, but with my unskilled tea tougue I would have to say, no it doesn't.