China 2006 Report

Shenyang Horticulture Expo 2006

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Quigdao City Garden, the city of sails.
Zhengzhou City water wall.
Water vessel.
Hefei City Garden facing the giant Tulip.

The bean counter's waterfall at the Wuhan City Garden.
Shenzhen City Garden
Ningbo City Garden's Dragon.


Chengdu City Garden, the "Turning Golden Barrels". It is suppose to be good luck.

Chengdu City Garden's pavillion.
Chongqing Garden's huge letter script written into the rock.
More rock.
Another Engrish way to say "Keep Off The Grass!"

Nanning City Garden of trees.
Guangzhou City Garden's entrance.
The pavillion inside.
Nanchang City, Fuzhou City, and Xiamen City had no exciting pictures. If you are wonder how I am keeping track, they have wooden signs like above describing the gardens.

Entrance to Taiwan's Garden.
The pool where they had a cool water mist fountain. It was nice and cool on a hot day.
Dinosaur park, with moving heads and cheezy recorded sound effects.
Looking up at the base of the Lily Tower. The lame thing was the elevator was off limits so only the first floor shops were open.

At this point, my camera ran out of power. So as a FYI, the Canon S400 camera can take about 96 pictures without flash on one recharge before the battery dies. The specs seem to indicate I should have gotten closer to 200 but maybe the life of this battery starting to bite it.