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The year is 2006.

China Round 2

Monday, May 1, 2006

Today is going to be a travel day back to Shenyang. We will go for an early morning breakfast at 8:00am in the morning. Again, Nanjing Street is already very busy because it is a National holiday for many people. I guess it is a good chance for families to go out to eat and do shopping. There bands playing, there is some kind of choir performance thing happening, the was the staff doing ballroom dancing at the Happy Family mall, and there was probably early staff Tai Chi and staff drumming too but I didn't see that this time.

Noodle with fish balls. This really reminds me of Vietnamese Pho Food.
Noodle with carrots. nothing special.

We were wandering through the street. I stumbled into a mall that had a lot of "brand name" stores in them. Now you would be expecting me to say Puma, Addidas, and Nike; and yes there are athletic stores that have those name branded products in them. But I am referring to: Snoopy, Betty Boop, Pooh, Hello Kitty, Astroboy, and Bandai's Ultraman stores. Yes, these places sell Kid's clothing. Many of them I found in Tom's World, which to my surprise does not have any toy stores in it. Instead it is all kid's clothing, many of them name branded including the special store for John, the Piyo Piyo store.

The official F-1 racing accessory store. Even had a full race gear uniform for sale.
The Piyo Piyo store.

I also did some CD shopping using the Tendery card that knocks off up to 15% off the price. By now it was getting close to noon, so we got back to the hotel. We checked out of the hotel and got a cab to get us to the airport. Now our flight was at 6:40pm but we didn't know how the traffic would treat us. We got there early since due to holiday, it was not busy on the speedway. Alas, it was about 2:00pm when we got there. We had to kill time in the aiport since the airlines doesn't check in luggage until 90 minutes before the flight. We were stuck sitting around in this over priced coffee lounge for 3 hours, slowly sipping a coke and a cappinchino. I was paying 30 yuan (almost $5 for a cappichino, oh my god that is almost a real price) and about 25 yuan ($3 Cdn) for a mini 300ml bottle of water. Now THAT is over priced. Come to think of it, the 300ml can of Coke was the same price as the water.

Anyway, we got checked in fast, and we got through the security quickly. Some more waiting. Even before the flight began boarding everyone is just crowding around the check wicket. I don't understand what is the point, it is all preassigned seating so your seat will always be there even if you were the last person to board the plane. I also notice many Chinese people just don't pay attention to signs or to the flight attendant.

I was on an Air Canada flight to Shenyang, I noticed that the flight attendant had to tell an old man and a girl a few seats in front of me to secure their luggage. Even after they got it secured, they would take it out again and put it on the floor or seat next to them. I thought it was just an isolated case. Well, no. On the China Eastern flight, I noticed people were not stowing their luggage underneath, and they were walking around without seatbeats during runway taxi. Man now I know why other people call Chinese people disrespectful and poor adheres to the law. It is because they grow up in a society, that doesn't respect the law or government out of their own free will or pride.

So if you see Chinese people driving bad, spitting on the sidewalk, pissing in public, or just being assholes; they're probably from mainland China.

Plane ride was two hours. They were playing on the screen clips from "Just For Laughs" as the in flight program. Even though there was very low audio, many people understood what was happening and were smiling and laughing.

Dinner was beef and rice, with dinner bun and melon pieces. Lots of refills on drinks, if you like that kinda stuff.

We landed without too much incident. Got our luggage and a cab without any issues. It was a 140 yuan ($20 Cdn) taxi trip at 8:30pm at night from the airport.

We got to her house easy enough, although carrying my bag up 7 flights of stairs was a killer.