China 2006 Report

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Chapter 2

We have left the tour group now. We walked to find a new hotel which was convienently right by the CD store we found on the first day. That was good, so now I can use that discount membership card that we got.

Anyway, we strolled out in time for lunch. After a short lunch, we spent the afternoon shopping in Nanjing Street. After night falls, we will visit the famous Bund. It is like our Seawall in Vancouver, but it faces the city so you can see all the lights of the buildings from it. It also is where you can see all the ships entering and leaving the harbor too.

Lunch Time:


Shell fish.
Fried bread like wonton but has the taste of something more familiarly eaten around Chinese New Year,
Ami shopping in a sweets shop.

A guy playing some real good sax on the balcony of the 88 year old department store. It was amped up. He was playing some Kenny G.
A Pink MSN bus.
A well lit tour boat in front of the city lights around the Pearl TV Tower.
The lights of the city towers.

Big name company buildings are lit up with their name on the cityscape like Aurora.
Here is Nikon, Nestle, and LG.
The is the city side of the Bund.
A huge ocean going freight ship passing by.

View to the HSBC building.
Shangri-la luxury hotel.
Renesas and China Mobile buildings.
Lighted barges.

Philips and (oh no) Amway!!
Dinner time!

Fried Noodle. It wasn't too bad, lacking a bit in the vegatable department and a little heavy in sauce but it was good.

Beef stew. Had celery and green peppers. The soup was really thick so I didn't bother drinking it, but Ami did.
Chicken. It is spicied up as always with that red pepper stuff, and some peanuts for some crunch.

Some graphics on the side of the building is always nice to see.
A thermometer on the side of this building.

We head back to our hotel for the night. We ran across an other CD store. They also accept discount cards like the one from the other store. Of course, I wasn't carrying it on me. That is ok tomorrow we have a morning to kill so I can come back and use it then.