China 2006 Report

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chapter 3

Our next and last location for today is Panmen Gate, in the the southwest corner of the city. It was originally built in 514 B.C. and a younger present one was built in 1351. Inside the gate are the Ruiguang Pagoda (one of the oldest Buddhist temples) and Wumen Bridge which crosses the Yangtze River. Yi Yuan (Garden of Joy)

Us at the Panmen Gate.
Running up to the Hall of Four Spirits.
The Ruiguang Pagoda which was closed due to repairs.
On the entrance of City Wall.

On the wall.
On the wall.
They also had a thing where you can buy feed for the carp they had in the river they had. It was a couple yuan for a bag of food.
All the big carp comes by and gobbles it up. I had to throw a few finger fulls to the small fish not around.

Panda bear plant display on the bridge over looking the tower.
Me on the side of the hall.
Picture of us on the other side of the hall.
Me on the side of waterfall.

There we are off to dinner. My pictures of dinner were too blurry to be useful. However, nothing too significant came from dinner. Here is a quick overview:

a) Chicken chunks and cabbage - same as before.

b) Fish - dull and bad tasting, as before.

c) Chicken and green peppers - same as before

d) gluten - disgusting as usual

e) Beansprouts and green peppers - a good vegatable side dish

f) Fish soup - had green leak as well, still tastes scaly which is no surprise. Why do they invent such bad tasting food?

g) Su choi - just by itself is like the beansprouts, a side dish.

h) egg pudding - like Jello but it is made of egg. Again, I found it too disgusting to eat by itself but it goes well when blended in with the rice.

After dinner it was off into the bus to a hotel near our next destination. It is a real beat neck secluded place near West Lake in Hangzhou City. Now, when I mean secluded, it is worse than Surrey, worse that Langley, even worse than Narita Airport. This is a place that has nothing around it, not even farmland, no convience stores, and I couldn't see the any other houses or residences within visible sight. What I could see was a big lake and lots of rolling hills.

I note in this room, there is a small side room by the window. Here I used the table to do typing of this log while I had the window open. All you hear all night is crickets or frogs and I kept hearing a rooster crowing for hours even when there was no sign of daybreak. There was the sound of some kind of motor which I am going to guess is a outboard motor for a boat. If you are looking for a real natural and surreal place to relax, this would be it.