China 2006 Report

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Wednesday April 26, 2006

Chapter 3

It is time for dinner and to call it a night. So we travel to a restaurant on our way to the next city, which is Wuxi City. This was our menu.

Beef : This was cubes of beef in a really nice sauce. It had the tenderness of stewed beef.
Chicken : This was pretty much the same as we had earlier except a few more vegatables in the stir fry. It was also less salty too.
Egg Pudding : If you are not a big fan of eggs, this isn't for you. I found the taste to strong. However, it was good to blend and mix with rice.
Swirls : This stuff is disgusting. Tastes really caustic and it is slimy. It is some kinda seafood, but it may as well be tofu.

Tofu Soup : Oh while on the topic of tofu and things that taste like crap.
Fish : On the topic of things that taste crappy, fish unfortunately aquire the taste of the water they are in. So if they are caught in the stream where they dump their sewage.... guess what...
Hot cabbage : The lame cabbage in hot peppers.
Sui Choi : our only real decent vegetable and it is probably the plainest one.

As shown below, the bathroom actually has a hot water tank which is quite good so we don't have the cheap ass problem that we had at the previous place with the hot water. They also have a good sized western tub and even a once piece toilet.

Now for such a nice hotel, it is in the middle of fucking no where. I mean really really no where. Ok Surrey is bad, Langley is worse. Narita is even worse. Well, this is even worse than that. There is nothing around for miles around. Heck not even the next building is anywhere in sight. There is a river that runs through the area where you can hear a motor boat puttering away in the middle of the night and morning. You can hear weird insects and probably frogs. All through the morning, I heard a rooster crowing for at least an hour. And what was sad was I didn't even see the sun at all.