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This is my first ever trip to the orient in 2005. This is the beginning of my adventure into China.

Week 6 (March 27/2005 - April 2/2005)

Sunday, March 27/2005

Ahh yes, today I feel like total crap. But now armed with the drugs I need, so today I fight back. Alas today was pretty much in bed resting, watch some TV. Sounds easy, and it is but keeping warm and all the fluids and the fresh fruit and all that perpirsation. Whew!

While watching the TV, there was an interesting twist on a familiar show. It was a talent/idol show, where the contestants were policewomen and the audience were all police. They had competitions for martial arts and stuff but the clip I saw was the sing competition. The contestants all had to pick an English song to sing. One of them was cheap and used "Eyes On Me" from Faye Wong, another was a cop out (excuse the pun) picked "I Will Always Love You" from Whitney Houston however her time was up before she got to the really hard part of the song.

Monday, March 28/2005
Ah, a sense of victory, I feel as I have gotten the upper hand on my flu. I kicked the headache and now am down to the stuffy nose and cough. I spent most of the day in bed, or lying on the couch watch TV and listening to some of these Chinese VCD/DVDs that I had picked up. I was particularly impressed with an Air Supply in Concert DVD which has interview clips aimed at the Hong Kong and Thailand markets.

On TV, I was watching some classic Tom And Jerry episodes. They overdub most cartoons including many anime titles too. The particular thing that caught my attention this time around was how they deal with censorship to violence to kids. In this episode, Tom gets amnesia and thinks he is a mouse. The Mouse Jerry, reads in a book that a "blow to the head" might allow someone to overecome anmesia. So Jerry is trying to lure Tom into a trap where he will hit him in the head with a baseball bat. Well, just before that a scene happens, a stupided CG rendered duck (I think) pops up and basically tell the kids that this is animated violence and please don't try this at home. When the picture popped back it looks the film was still running during that notice beause they were already into the next of Jerry's plans.

Tuesday, March 29/2005
Today was interesting turn of events. I am getting bettter, that symptoms are disappearing, however, Ami now probably has what I had. Now, I am the one that needs to do the "take caring".

One of the things, I am discovering today how much or for that matter how little housework women really do in a day. For example, Ami does laundry almost everyday. Today when I was taking care of it, I realized that the load of laundry was quite small, not even half way full. Ok, sure I am not a big supporter of do the little task many times so you don't have a big job ahead of you. But just like those people who wait for a full load of dishes for the dish washer, I was thinking she could probably go a half a week before needing to do the clothes. Oh well, since there wasn't much else for me to do I did that. Well, at least tried to.

Wednesday, March 30/2005
Today, I am feeling much better, and Ami is doing well. She will still need some bed rest.

I was washing dishes today. I just realized how inconvienent it was to do dishes without a double pan sink. Even more so, how hard it was to clean greasy dishes without hot water. I ended up using the large wok, putting cold water into it, then using the stove to heat it up to hot, then washing the dishes in that, before rinsing with the cold water in the single basin sink. Hahh... When there is a Will, there is a way!

Today, I took sometime to walk out to Careforre to buy some supplies since we were running out of everything. I decided to buy some orange juice rather than Coke. The best tasting of the two brands I bought was Dole but that was made from concentrate. The frest stuff they had was the Carrefour house brand which wasn't bad, but it had too much pulp and was not as sweet as the Dole stuff.

Thursday, March 31/2005
Today, I went for a short walk down the street to see if I can find some DVDs to buy. I ran across a cluster of VCD/DVD shops down FengyeunTan Lu. The prices seem pretty good but I will drag Ami out to look at them before I grab them incase there is some text I need to read.

I ended picking up some music DVDs which I am going to listen to and make a Chinese Mix MP3 CD. I also noticed that they sell many CD-ROMs of MP3 music. You get about 100+ MP3 songs on a CD for about 10 Yuan. They have 2005 newest hottest hits, Best of the 200x, Music of x Awards Show, Best of TV show music, Best of Euro Music, Best of American Music and even Best of Anime Music. Definitely a good way to get a large amount of music to listen to. I picked up about five of these CDs for my collection.

Friday, April 1/2005
Today, Alexanderia comes back from school. Since Ami, is not really well, I will have to take her shopping for her foods and snacks. We walked over to Carrefour to buy her milk and usual snack foods. Today, I actually saw two foreign people couples. One was a white couple from the US, I gather... The woman was complaining about mushrooms, probably because she couldn't find the traditional white mushrooms we have in North America. NO DUH, bitch; you aren't in Kansas anymore, Dorthy! The second couple I saw were a pair from what looks like East India maybe more tropical. They didn't say anything but they were pushing their cart around backwards.

Anyway, today for dinner, I got lazy and I decided to take Alexanderia to KFC for chicken.

Saturday, April 2/2005
Today, I helped Alexanderia a little with her math homework. It was trigonmetry, and the fun with parallel lines with triangles. It did nothing but remind me of my old East Indian math teacher Mr. Gupta. The excercises reminded be of his funny way he pronounced perpendicular.

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