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Have you ever heard from friends to come to China? Ever thought of doing shopping here just so you can save a few bucks? Been waiting for the family vacation before going out to buy that camera? Well, I will dispel that myth now. SOME things in China are very very cheap but OTHER things are the same price if not more to import them here.

I have put together a list of commonly found items in Canada and some quoted prices against some prices that I have run across here. Remember Canadian prices don't include 7% PST or the 7% GST taxes. At the time of doing this comparision, the exchange rate is 6.3 yuan RMB for every $1.00 Cdn. There are no extra taxes on goods in China.

1.0 L bottle of Evian water 16.0¥ Carre Four $1.29 London Drugs
2.25L bottle of Coke Cola 5.50¥ Carre Four $0.99 Real Cdn Superstore (2.0 L)
local brewed beer 3.05¥ Snow Light Beer a 675ml bottle 5% alcohol (Carre Four) $9.65 six pak 355ml cans Columbia Kokanee 7% alcohol (BC Liquer Board)
local wine 40 ¥ Shenyang White Wine 500ml, 46% alcohol (Carre Four) $20.25 Alberta Banff Ice Wine, 750ml, 40% alcohol (BC LB)
Nescafe Instant Columbian Coffee $4.99 150ml jar
Apple Juice from Concentrate 4.45¥ for 250ml bottle Dole (Carre Four) $1.39 Sunripe, 1.0L tetrapak
Tetra Pak Milk 1.65¥ 250ml pak (Carre Four) $2.25 2L carton
Packaged Foods:
Instant Noodle Pak (no bowl) 1.00¥ most brands $1.00 for 4 pak of Mr. Noodles (London Drugs)
Gilco Pocke (standard chocolate coated) 1.30¥ (Zhong Supermarket) $1.29 (T&T Supermarket)
Lays Chips 6¥ 100g bag (Carre Four) $2.99 300g bag (7-Eleven)
Pringles Chips 190g Can 12.50¥ (Carre Four) $1.99 Real Canadian Super Store
Trix Cereal 10.10¥ (5 paks of 30g) Carre Four
Eggs (6 pak large) $1.00 (Safeway)
Prepared Foods:
Loaf of White Bread 500g bag 3.80¥ (Carre Four) $0.99 (London Drugs)
Take II microwaved Popcorn 4.80¥ (also comes in milk, butter, chocolate flavours) Carre Four
Smuckers Strawberry Jam 170g Jar 4.10¥ Carre Four
Fried Chicken (Super Market Deli) per piece 3.30¥ Carre Four
Rice 10kg bag 34.50¥ Carre Four $8.88 Real Cdn Superstore
Food by Weight: Price in ¥ RMB per kilo Price in $ CDN per kilo
Ground Beef 60% lean 17.00¥ (Carre Four) $4.39 (Safeway)
Onion 2.20¥ (Carre Four) $1.50 (Real Canadian Superstore)
Brocolli 1.50¥ (Carre Four) $2.21 (Safeway)
Bean Sprouts 1.50¥ (Carre Four) $0.60
Green Peppers 6.60¥ (Carre Four) $2.21 (Safeway)
Potatoes 4.50¥ (Carre Four)
Celery 5.70¥ (Carre Four)
Sourdough Bread 14¥ (Carre Four) $3.00 (two 454g loaves) Safeway
Tomatos $4.39 USA (Safeway)
HouseHold Items:
Tide Laundry Detergent 2.90¥ (CW2 - 500g bag) $2.99
All purpose Cleaner 11.50¥ 1.0L bottle Generic $1.99 London Drugs brand 1.2L
Personal Hygiene:
hair shampoo 8.80¥ for 800ml (Zhongxing) $3.99 Dove Shampoo 300ml (Safeway)
pain killer $10 Advil Extra Strength, 50 caplets
razor (cheap disposable 2 blade) 2.60¥ for 3 pak (Carrefour)
tooth brush (non-motorized) 3.10¥ Oral B (Carre Four) $1.99 Reach 200 PS/RI (London Drugs)
tooth paste tube 5.20¥ Crest Mint 100ml (Carre Four) $0.99 Crest Regular 130ml (Safeway)
Tampons 13.50¥ (10 pak) Carre Four $3.79 O.B. 20's (Safeway)
Listerine Mouthwash 500ml 55¥ (Carre Four) $6
toilet Paper (2-ply paper) 18.20¥ for 9 rolls (Carre Four) $8.99 (30 rolls Purex Soft)
HouseHold Appliances:
2 slice toaster Oven 99¥ Toshiba 4 slices Oven (Carre Four) $40 Black N' Decker TR#0962 (London Drugs)
Iron 39.00¥ (Carre Four) $50 (London Drugs)
Frying Pan, 20cm Diameter 28¥ (Carre Four) $20 (London Drugs)
hammer (claw style, metal handle, rubber grip) 21.90¥ (Carrefour)
screwdriver 7.80¥ (Carrefour)
Ayumi Hamasaki - "Rainbow" CD (offical Avex Copy Controlled CD) 67.50¥ Books365.com $20 MAL (Taiwan version)

$60 Iwase (Japanese version)

DVD of "Daredevil" 18¥ Books365.com $19 Future Shop
CD Avril Lavigne - "Let Go" 10¥ Carre Four $10 Future Shop
Game Boy SP Cobalt Blue 898¥ Carre Four $89.98 Future Shop
cheap wired 4 port Broadband router 120¥ Netcore 2105NR (Computer Town market) $30 D-Link DI-604 (Future Shop)
Canon Powershot A85, 4.0MP Camera 2480¥ Carre Four $350 (Future Shop)
Sandisk 256Mb SD memory Card 600¥ Carre Four $60 (Future Shop)
Acer AL1913 (19" TFT LCD Monitor) 2990¥ Acer Store $389 (Anitec)
Dining Out:
KFC chicken burger combo (reg drink, fries) 19.50¥ $7.00
Sirlion Steak (in a Full Service Licensed Restaurant) 8oz Angus Beef 98.00¥ (Count) $18 .00 (Earl's)
Green Salad (side order) with 1000 Island Dressing 10.00¥ (Count) $4.95 (Earl's)
Deep Fried Whole Prawns (order of 4) 45.00¥ (Count) $5.00
McChicken Sandwich (not combo) 8.00¥
Big Mac Combo (with drink & fries) 18.00¥