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The year is our Michael & Anna's Going Into Hiding Party at the store.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

The restaurant of choice today is Samba's, a Brazilian BBQ place. You want lots of meat!! This is place of all you can eat meat! Here, Fonda and Warren are ready to dig in. Michael and Anna preplexed in the background.
Colin and Brian discussing two ways to get better cell phone reception.
The waiters bring big skewers of meat to the table. Just slice off what you want to eat. Chad and Daisuke are giving their Atekins Diet a work out.
Harvey digging into his salad. Rob stares in amazement.
A wide angle shot of the table. Elick and Fonda are in the far back. Warren and Vince are also on that side of the table. It is rare to get Vince out with Victor at the same time. Vic and his wife Joey are closest to the camera. Chad and Rob are beside them.
The also newly married Victor and Joey.
And to tie things up, here is me with my "Ashita No Joe" T-Shirt that my girlfriend in China, Ami, sent me. See, it fits! Although, it makes me look fat. Really, I am much more muscular in real life.... Really....
The second activity tonight is Karaoke at "Sing Sing". It was a good night for Alternate and Anime music!
The killing began with some Lenny Kravitz with his balls kicked in.
Followed by the senseless yelling of lyrics to Darkness and Linkin Park.
But some of the best songs came from the Japanese side when Daisuke and Michael teamed up to do some anime favourites.
Please see my Karaoke section of this web page to see samples of what we sound like when we do Karaoke.