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July 20, 2003 Saturday

Ok, the camera is recharged and reloaded. I dumped off all the pictures off the memory card, and ready for some more action.

Traditionally Saturday is a busy day, and this was no different. Fortunately, I did most of my shopping already so I spent most of the day clicking some of these shots.

The Con Floor

Here is Shana's friend Heather, who runs a Yahoo Auction bidding service www.rinkya.com

Another one of the few bootleg booths. Pretty crappy since they charge $15 to $20 for video tapes. Just goes to show Americans know crap about bootlegging.

Here is Broadsword Comics. They had 3 chicks doing various cosplay and a guy in a suit (must the pimp looking after his bitches...)

Man, these guys had a lot of Gundam and Macross kits. Spent a bit of time looking at the wall of japanese stuff.

Five Stories had a huge booth with Kinokinoya. They displayed a great detail of FFS stuff.

I liked the fatima figures and many of the motarr heads.

Here are the sad guys at the Tokyopop booth too cheap to get a real arcade Initial D machine, so they got the PS2 version, mocked it up in an arcade cabinet, and used a Logitech Force Feedback steering wheel. Yea, the game was in Japanese anyways, English arcade version 1's were available at this time, well at least for us guys in Vancouver...

Here we have the Pioneer booth. Notice they dressed up their flyer whores in school girl uniforms to attract the older fan boys with the lollicon complex...

Big tournament area of people playing Heroclicks and other board strategy games.

Ok, when we complain about our cheap slices of pizza on Granville street being $0.93 cdn and the guys next door being $0.99. Just remember, we have have it too good in Vancouver. I found this pizza ad in the lobby of the convention floor. Oh, remember, you are paying in Americal Dollars.... What a DEAL...

A guy trying to convince this poor con go-er that his tapes are the real thing.... Yea right. And why would anyone pay $120 ($15-$20 a video tape) for a set of Fraiser when the legit DVDs sell for $30 NEW? Yup, American bootleggers, as stupid as they can get....

The Games Workshop guys with their scale model of a space marine armoured suit.


This booth simply labelled as "WOW", Women of Wicked, had some really detailed figures of various heorines and actresses.

If you were so bored, I was... They had a special room, of the special stuff. Yea... someone was really sad....

Talk about making use of the high ceiling in this place...

And at the end of the day, I return back to the hotel room. Here is brothers Warren and Victor back from their day at the con.