Sakura Con 2002 Report


I spent a most of my Sakura Con time either in the DDR/Para Para room, sleeping, or in the Dealer's Room. Oh and of course, standing in line. So I was able to see lots of other people dressed up in costumes. Some of them very good. Some of them... ahem... and some of them just shouldn't be wearing that...

Here are some of the other miscellaneous pictures from around the con. The thumbnails icons may not all load up but don't worry, just click on it anyway, it should load up.

I would also like to take this chance to thank Daisuke Suzuki for the pictures from his camera. I would also like to thank,, for taking some of the pictures that I was unable to when I didn't have my camera ready. Please click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.


Front of Hotel

Front of Hotel

Front of Hotel

Hotel Lobby

Front of Convention Area

CCG & RPG Gaming Room

Console Gaming Room

Con Operations Room

Entrance To Dealer's Room

PC LAN Gaming

Karaoke Contest

Front of Hotel for Check IN/OUT

Anime Jungle Dealer Booth

Kinokuniya Books

VJAS & VSWAT guys playing Car Wars

Weird people buying the expensive food at the 7-11.

Me in the line up for Para Para in the arcade room.

Me doing Para Para. The best I did was Anniversary on Hi-Speed Random and Night Of Fire on Hi-Speed Random Sudden.

Cloud of FF8 waiting for the DDR solo machine.

Asuka doing DDR 4th Mix.

Red dress guy from picture above watching his girlfriend on the DDR 4th Mix machine.

Our Messy Room

I slept on the floor, in the mess.

Costume Page 1

Costume Page 2

Costume Page 3

Costume Page 4

Costume Page 5


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