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The year is 2002.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Colin's Wedding

This is my friend Colin's wedding Day, March 2, 2002. This was a fun and memorable day for all of us.

Here is Colin at the altar with his new bride, Carolina Fatima Remedios.

Here is the couple walking out of the church, down the isle. In the right picture, you can see the best man, Dan Pakatagan coming up second.

It is the Men In Black. Well, some of us were.

1. Mikal is getting directions from Hieu, as Fonda, Daisuke and Warren watch. Vicotr and Kevin are farther in the back.

2. We are leaving our rows to follow the couple out. From left to right, Fonda, Rob, Chad, James, Daisuke. Warren and Mikal are entering the line, Kevin has his hands in his pockets.

3. Outside in the reception area, Hein sitting down talking to Victor as Jude listens.

1. Here are pictures of the groomsmen, from left to right, Sheldon Yip, Russel Remedios (older brother) , Dan Paktagan (best man) and Colin (the groom),.

2. This one is taken at the dinner head table.

3. Here is a closer shot of Colin and Dan.


1. James and Chad talking to the wedding party as Vic and Hein queue in line.

2. Hieu, Rob and James outside the church.

3. Here we have Fonda looking up to make sure there weren't any stray birds over head, as the casually dressed Mike looks onwards. Chad and Hien are in the centre with Kevin wandering off to the right.


1. Warren talks with Colin about music and sound selections over the dinner crowd. Daisuke helps serve water to Dan. Sheldon is getting up because he realizes there is no tofu on his plate. Unfortunately, the dinner selection is a turkey dinner and lots of curry.

2. Happy Rob after eating the really sweet dessert sugar ball. Wooooooo. What a sugar rush!!!

3. Here is Chad making off with the drinks. Ahh what a lush. Unfortunately, to make things boring, the wedding party decided not to stock alcohol and replaced them with bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling juices. Aww. Too bad there Chad, no happy hour for you.


1. Mikal finishes greeting the wedding party. Notice Sheldon on the right with his bride's maid followed by Russel and his maid, then Dan with his maid, and of course Colin and his wife.

2. We sat in the back row so we can be ignored. This helped wth the horrible singing of the hymns. Vic, Daisuke, Kevin and Hien.

3. Rob, Mike and Daisuke offering best wishes to the wedding party.


1. Mike, Chad and Fonda talking afterwards in the cold outside. Kevin is shivering away on the right. Jude is acting anti-social as he hides behind the brick pillar.

2. Vic, Fonda and Kevin going through the greeting line.

3. Mikal, Rob, and Mike hamming it up with the wedding party.


1. Heiu helps out with the dinner registration and table seating arrangements. Chad is taking the big quill and adding his name on the list.

2. The guys ragging on Mike for his casual look. Hey, we should all dressed down. Homie look is in this year... Not...

3. The table is seated. Rob signals, we are good to go! Feed us meat!



1. Mikal finding the bottle of bubble soap on the table. I guess after all those wedding toasts with the de-alcoholized juices, he was tarting to go crazy. Why bubble fluid was there I am not sure but it might some weird religious fetish thing to blow.

2. Hien and Heiu boozing it up. Oh yea, forgot, they switched the alcohol. Oh well, no need to have that as a crutch to have fun.

3. Oh, and will someone do something with that mysterious bubble bottle that is on the table?! Those guys are having too much fun.


1. Fonda is always great to have at parties since he will be the life of the party. This is other great one where he realizes, we have helium balloons. Wait a minute... Did someone say helium? As in lets inhale it and make our voices sound weird helium? Oh yea!

2. Warren holding a camera trying to take a picture of everyone as the wedding party was walking around table to table. Of course, for some reason they stopped doing that halfway so some unfortunate tables couldn't toast the bride and groom. Possibly the fact, that everyone drank their juice before they could anyway. Ooopps...

3. Ok, now that we finished taking Warren's picture, Jude is anxious to sit down and to get back to reading his book. Which is ironically named "Jude".


1. Fonda stunned at just how slick Mike looks. I think... Hein sits wondering where the food is? Oh, the caters were delayed almost an hour. Argh!

2. Lucky for most of us, we snacked during the photo shooting.

3. Chad breaking out the bottle. Rob and Hien are eager taste testers.

1. There are lots of times where we had to sit and wait for things. Jude was lucky he bought his book. Come to think of it, I should have brought my MP3 CD player. They forgot to do music for dinner, I could have made a great MP3 of Gundam background music. Hahahaha! Colin's parents might have liked it even if they think Gundam is evil....

2. But of course, if you have your head in a book, you stand a chance of missing some of the weird things that happen. Here Jude is quickly rushing to get in on the group picture. Oh well, I snapped this one just a bit too early but that is ok. It is a digital camera, there is no such thing as wasting film.


1. Dan looking over to Russell as Colin is just to the right in this picture as the couple are entering the dinner room. The entrance music was "Eyes On Me" by Faye Wong, from Final Fantasy 8. Ha! We pulled anime song passed the parents.

2. A casual picture of Dan as he walks around the tables with the wedding party. Well sort of... Dan's maid is to the far left.


1. Here is picture of Dan outside with his car. He realizes he forgot to shave in the morning so he is doing it now. Of course, why bother going inside and using the mirror in the washroom. His car will do quite nicely. Good thing he washed it earlier...

2. Here is a picture of driver Sheldon taking the bride and groom and his maid to the wedding pictures. Unfortunately, he had no Initial D, or Super Eurobeat or dance Music, actually for that matter, I don't think he even figured out how the radio worked.


1. At the end of the wedding things started getting more normal. We were able to start relaxing and stop being so stuck up and so polite and etc... Ahh. the fun begins. Here, Dan took the paper wedding bells from the head table display and hung them on the two buttoms on the back of Colin's tux. Ta-Da! Instant Bell bottoms.... har har...

2, The fun did not stop there. So Hieu grabbed one of the helium balloons and tied it to Dan's button while he was taking a group shot of the brides maids. What comes around goes around.

3. Dan showing off the great picture of the maids he took on his digital camera. Of course, in his mind he is thinking what he might be able to with Photoshop....



After the wedding we helped clean up the tables and the chairs. A good group effort and we were done in no time at all. This is the great thing about us, we can be efficent when we want to be.

While we were waiting for the wedding photographs, the rest of our group went to a local White Rock mall. Man was it like boring mall. However, here Fonda found a great Hawaiian shirt to match his tie. Unfortunately, it matched nothing else.

And of course, this is the table of wedding gifts. I have marked out the two gifts that came from our group. Notice two things, a) ours is the biggest! Yea! We win! (The big one is a Sony 150 Watt, Component Stereo system with a 60 disc changer, dual syncro dubbing cassettes and an AV input panel for VCRs and Game consoles. The second box is a JVC HiFi Stereo VCR.) Oh and the second thing b) Our gifts were the most expensive. YEA! We win again!!!