William Chow's Personal Web Page

I turned 35 this year. Yea, it is pretty pathetic that I am this old and I still not married and still living at home with the parents. I suppose the only real difference is that I own the house I live in and two others including the one my own store is located in. I guess that is a sign that I am doing something right.

We initially planned to do Samba's, an all you can eat Brazillian meat place but unfortunately booking a spot at such a late time proved to be a problem, so the venue was changed to the Roma's Macroni Grille. We met at my store to gather everyone and to make sure rides were all taken care of.

Here Chad sits obvious more pre-occupied with chat over playing the gaming consoles.

Harvey here surfing for the latest smut on the internet.

Birthyday boy hiding in his mound of anime.

The gathering of otakus starving for a good meal.

Alright, we pile into cars and drive downtown Vancouver. That is a job and a half. Parking is the other. But we all get there.

Me with Victor, Chris and Mikal outside as we wait.

Roma's funny name for a restaurant is actually an old heritage mansion converted to be a grand hall restuarant. Great atmosphere. Here we are gathered on the staircase leading upstairs.

We are seated at our tables. The tables are covered with white paper and you are supplied wax crayons to doodle as while you wait. Umm.... some of us are creative....

John is one of our more talented ones with the crayon here.

This is Chad's picture of me... hmm.... I question whether or not I should delete this and/or burn it....

Here is Rob's drawing, with a happy spring flowing through happy trees set in the background of happy mountains and happy clouds in the sky.

I think he got too happy with his glass of Guiness.

Rob's audience for his masterpiece.




Harvey and James talk about fast cars.

Group gathering around the head table.

Li and Hieu talk about the internet and smut games.

Vic was full of weird tech support stories.

I hate pictures!!!

Harvey is getting creative with his area of the table.

Oh really?

Paul and Kevin arrive a little late.

No, this is how you play a guitar.

Fonda our resident "yes" man.

Table group shot.

Here waitress, hold the camera so Dan can join in the picture.

Gift from the group.

Gift from Chad Ma.

The gift from Chris Smith.

Chris gave me what every computer hack needs these days, blank media!

Chad used his A&B Sound staff discount to pick up a Pink Flyod the Wall DVD. Great 80's music!

The guys pitched in, and got me the Xfiles DVD box 5 which I had on my mind to buy.

After dinner,we decided to do a late night karaoke session. We weren't drunk but we got a little wacky. Have a listen if you dare.