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The year is 1990.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


San Francisco and San Deigo

This year we had a ragged tagged group of travellers. This was the first attempt at getting a large group of us down to San Francisco and San Deigo in one road trip. However, with a whole bunch of bail outs at the last moment, we made a party of Med's old truck and Richard's land yacht of an Oldsmobile.

So, in Med's two seater truck was Med Major and Lysle Martin.

In Richard's Oldsmobile; Me, Richard Chan, James Lovitt and Bill Jang.

So after a rough start, our road trip down was interesting.

Lysle and Med were driving with lack of sleep and were weaving lanes when we navigating Grant's Pass. I had to relieve Richard and James so I took the wheel. With the help of Bill to keep me awake, I successfully navigated the pass.

The next big problem happened out side of Redding California where it got so hot, the ball bearings in Med's truck tires were seizing up. We had to stop at a gas station and get some lubricant in there.

It is really fortunate that Med and Lysle were good with car repairs.


One of the coolest things that was in the house was a really old portable Osborne computer. It was about as big as one of our suitcases! Talk about retro....

Of course, with such old cars, you can't expect everything. In addition to the killer heat, both our cars had no air conditioning. Ahh... something we gotta fix next year...

Anyway, Richard's Oldmobile did develop a little bit of air leak in his tires. Not sure why, but we got a can of some puncture foam. We kept adding air and adding more foam. We used an entire can on the one tire. I am sure it was probably solid foam by the time we were done.

First stop, was Lylse's Uncle Walts friend's place, in Devil's Bay (near San Jose),

The place was not a huge house, more of a bungalow. But it was well enough room for us to pass out of n the floor.

In order, James and Lylse (above) and Med (left) and Bill (pictured here).

After a good night sleep, we pile back into the cars to drive back into San Fransico to go to Chinatown and Japantown.

Here is Richard and James leaving the elevators at the Japan Center.

Here we had a great number of places to hit and buy anime goods including Mikado, Laser Perceptions, and Nikaku Animart.

Plus you never know what interesting things you find in Chinatown.

Med and Lylse in Japan Center.

Ok, this ends our first leg of the road trip. It takes about 18 hours to get to San Francisco from Abbottsford. It was a few more hours since Devil's Bay is 40 minutes out of San Jose which San Jose is about 2 hours out of San Francisco.

Next stop, San Diego, 10 hours away...

Here we are looking at pornographic postcards for Lysle so he can send them back to the guys at his Speedy Auto Glass shop.

San Deigo Comic Con was quite a bit of fun as always.

This year had the surprise due to the advertising done by the Anime Expo '91 table. They had brought in a featured guest of Kenichi Sonada. Lysle caught the sign that he would around for autograph signings. So we got ready and got in line to have things signed.

I remember telling James that Sonada would be signing stuff, and told him to get his Bubble Gum Crisis stuff together. But I guess he was dazed and confused , and missed his chance.

I was in line and the cut off point for full body shots was right in front of me. I was ok with that.

I knew my translator Daisuke Suzuki was a big fan of his Gall Force stuff. His favourite character was Catty. So, I asked him to do a Catty in a school outfit. The translator asked "sailor furuku?". I didn't hear the last part of that, but I heard "sailor" so I just nodded and said yes. In all that confusion, they forgot that he was suppose to just do head shots only, but he drew a full figure of Catty in a school uniform.

So there Daisuke, that is the story of Catty I got you from San Deigo. I hope this anidote adds more sedimental value to it.


Here is an impromptu hallway meeting of some of the bigger heads of anime in this area.

Robert Guieterrez (with the red bag) is the famed subtitler responsible for Ranma Project. Robert Woodhead (Simpsons) is the programmer of the game Wizardry but more importantly, he is the chief of AnimEigo. The two in yellow are Clinton Bartee and Lee Orrick who are in charge of the Japanese Animation programming at the San Deigo ComicCon.