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The year is San Francisco / San Deigo's 1989 trip.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Here we are in San Francisco as part of a pit stop on our way to San Deigo's Comic Con 1990. Beside me is tacky tourist Barry Moss and the ever happy Lylse Martin. The third person taking the picture I do believe was Ron Eyben.

I remember this was the first time we walked UP Grant Street on the way to Chinatown, and Barry almost died walking up the hill.

Here we have Barry in our hotel room. I took this picture when his snoring woke me up at night.

Here is comic book artist Don Yee. I met him at the convention, during a conversation about Orange Road and the various fan subs that Arctic Animation did. He has become almost a fixture of Comic Con in the next years to come.

Here is Nicolas Condor, from the CFO Victoria. We ran into him at this convention.

Comic book artist and fan fiction writer, James Lomax. I ran into him during Comic Con again over a discussion of Arctic Animation Orange Road fansubs.

This is the famed Studio Proteus booth, before it got lumped up with Dark Horse Comics.

Pictured is Toren Smith, the person many devoted anime fans would like to put into a boat with Carl Macek and then fire a torpedo at it.