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Ok, after one year, us PGSS 1985 grads, were still as much as the rowdy group as we always were. Ryan our gracious host, had this one year grad reunion sort of party this year.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Ryan's Party

Here is our host Ryan giving Blaine Anderson some pointers on how to serve food.

Ranjad, Jill, Jennifer and Erik in the living room realizing... "Food? Where?!!!"

I think it was a bit of strange night. Wondering what everyone did over the year and where people were planning to do. In retrospect, this was the last time I did see most of these people ever again.

Man is it me or does everyone hate cameras?

This is one of the few good pictures I took with this really old crappy camera. Strangely enough, nobody is hiding from the camera. From left to right, Shane Demyer, Jill Bergen, Jennifer Perry and Ranjad Toor.

Oh well, I spoke too soon.....

One particularily hard person to catch on film is Paige Ackerman. I know she hates cameras and pictures which I guess makes the task of getting one just that much more exciting!

Here she is luckily saved by Jennifer who just happened to step into the line of fire.

Ok, I for try number two, I tried to hide behind Ranjad while the flash powered up and then pop up and do the shot. However, she caught on to my evil scheme and was foiled again by the fast draw of the and in front of the face trick.

Ok, after try two, I realize this is going to take some heavy duty assistance. Hmm did I say heavy?? How about big? Big and Heavy? Well, this is a job for Super Erik. So, here we have Paige and Erik "happily" posing for a picture.

Ok, this picture looks kinda bad. And I assure you that is... The next picture in this saga would be Dave looking down Lisa's shirt. I am not sure if she is checking to see if she (has or doesn't have) some THING down there. I think that is when Dave decides he needs to look down there too.

Blaine pretends he doesn't know them.

At this point, Dave has figured out that instead of looking down her shirt to see if she has anything there, it is always simplier if you use your hands instead of your eyes.

Famous quote: "Don't Look... Feel...." - Karate Kid.

Jennifer and Colleen pretend they don't know him.

Finally, after all the molesting is done. The two couples sit here to rest. Dave is pictured with Lisa. Marne is with Tony. Ironic thing is, Dave and Marne get married.

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