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Prince George Senior Secondary School, PGSS for short, is where I spent 2 years of my life for grades 11, 12. Undoubtably, it was the some of the most happiest times of my life. We were so carefree. We didn't have to worry about things like bills, taxes, and where our next meal was coming from. Our worries were things like, finishing our never ending pile of math homework, finding spare quarters to go to arcade with, and of course, who is holding a house party this weekend!

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


PGSS Graduation

A shot with my cousin, Ed. We refer him as "happy Ed". Ask him out for coffee, that was a favourite past time.

My sister and I, her turn comes next year.

Erik and I. He looks spiffy in the suit. Ask him how big his custom shoes are!

These were taken in front of PGSS on the big day. It is a mixed ball of happiness and sadness, as well as relief and stress.

Ah yes, only if I could go back to that day again. I am sure we all would love to do that too.


Although, I tried to get better group shots during grad, my camera back then sucked. Sigh... what a digital camera would have done back then. If you have any grad pictures you would like to share, by all means, let me know... thanks.

From left to right, Blaine Anderson, Hans Rasmussen, Peter Rooney, Theren Decker, Paige Akerman, Me, and Dave Birch

Of course, at the end of all this cermony stuff what does it all end up with. Another two more pieces of paper to stick up on the wall. And what did all this amount to in the end? nothing.... That's life for ya....

PGSS Cafeteria

Almost every lunch hour, every day, for two years, we would come here. Not just to school, but to the cafeteria. It was a place you could talk, hang out, play games, try to do homework, pass the time, and.... eat food (heaven forbid!).

Here are just some of the stories from our cafeteria. Please feel free to email me your stories, it might help me remind me of some other antics. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


The ceiling of the cafe was a false ceiling done with tiles. The trick with these tiles is they are like cork/dry wall stuff. So people would get bored and throw their BIC pens up into the ceil like darts and stick them into the ceiling. I suppose, if you ever needed a pen, you could always get up on a table and get one from the ceiling. However, it got more interesting when people moved on from pens, and started sticking the forks and the knives up into the ceiling....


Bradley Jackman and Kevin McKenney.

One day we had a tube of Crazy Glue. We were sitting at the table closest to the doors which exit to the court yard where all the smokers go. So, we decided to take the tube and glue a quarter on the floor by the door to the court yard. It was a good few hours of countless fun watching people try to kick and pick up the quarter.

Someone even tried to take a butter knife and pry it off the tiled floor. Unfortunately for him, he bent the knife almost 90 degrees.

A few days later, we noticed there was this brand new tile on the floor. Gee.. I wonder if they ever got that quarter off....

Blaine, Lisa, Theren on one side. Collen is wandering around in the background.

Norm, Jennifer (I think) and Marne (I think) on right side, see later picture for the other angle.

The stunned look of Mike Richardson.

This "huh?" picture of Mike reminds me of a table football game we played.

To pass time, we sometimes played table football using coins. Ok, on this day, like many days, the cafe food sucked. Some poor soul who ordered the french fries and gravy gave up eating it. So we used the french fries instead of coins for the ball.

Well, we were going to do the field goal attempt. We flicked the french fry a little too hard and it flew across the table and just as someone turned his head over to say "Huh?", he got splatted in the forehead with a french fry (with a little gravy too).


Front most, Peter, Christine, and Barry.

This picture of Peter reminds of at least two stories.

First one, I remember one day, Peter brought in an electric guitar into the cafeteria powered by a motor cycle battery in his addias bag.

That was entertaining for that week.


The second Peter story I remember was the eyebrow one.

One day, we bet $20, Pete that he would dare come to school without eyebrows.

Well, we were wrong....

Ryan (standing), Roland, Peter on the right side. Chad's face on the left.

Another wacky story happened when we got a hold of a pair of hand cuffs from Northern Hardware for like $10 bucks.

We had a few hours of fun with that hand cuffing Jill and various other people to the cafeteria tables.

Ryan turning, Tom grinning, and Yvette (or could be Kim) in the background.

Jana, Mr. Edgar (standing), Peter, Ted and Roland (head turned).

A teacher in the cafeteria helping out those who were TRYING to do homework.

Reminds me of a story when there was a lack of teachers. I remember there were two real good food fights in the cafeteria. One of them, I started by taking a really gross orange and throwing it up and over my shoulder. It must have smucked some poor guy who then retaliated. FOOD FIGHT!! Of course, I walked out of the cafe, just as the teachers arrived. That was lucky for me.

Blaine (trying to hide), Jill being tortured again by Erik who is trying to draw a happy face on her head.

Speaking of poor Jill. I remember one day the school had a Hawaiian Tacky Tourist day. Just for fun, Ryan and I and Blaine dressed up as Fed Agents. We handcuffed Jill and hauled her away for a grass skirt that was too short. We ended up handcuffing her to the water fountain. Someone had a camera but darned if I remember who took the pics....

Like many schools, there was a problem of a lot of prank pulling of the fire alarms.

I remember one time (actually a couple of times) the alarm was pulled during a test. We would be outside standing around, talking about it.

But there was one time, I guess someone threw a cigarette into a metal trash can with some paper waste in it. It started to smoke and flames were coming out.

I remember me and Erik and few others were standing around there watching it. None of us wanted to pull the fire alarm. It was finally we flagged a teacher down to look at it. "HOLY SHIT!!!" He pulled fire alarm and put the thing out. The whole part of the wall there was all black!

I remember another bad prank we did. I realized that sometimes during noon hour lunch breaks the washrooms on the bottom floor didn't work so well.

It clicked in that the 2 washrooms, guys and girls, both upstairs and main floor were all tied to the same out pipe. So one day, we ochestrated a timed flushing. When the bell rang at noon, we would flush all the toilets upstairs as well as flush all the toilets downstairs. Well, it overflowed the toilets and the stand up stalls in the main floor. Water was everywhere. They had to close the school for a day to repair that.


Paige and Marne

PGSS Classrooms

Everyday, we are like drones wandering between classes to classes. We had 5 one hour time Blocks, ABCD & E. We would move from subject to subject to try and learn something. Well, sometimes some of the things have nothing to do with what is written in the text book. That is good too...

Here are just some of the stories from our classrooms. Please feel free to email me your stories, it might help me remind me of some other antics. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Mr Gutpa's Algebra class. Happy obivious Jill, Blaine who forgot to do his homework and Pete who doesn't need to study. Oh and probably Erik behind him sleeping.

Ah yes, I remember Mr Gutpa's class. The fun it was trying to learn trignometry from an teacher with a thick East Indian accent. "Draw a PRE-PEN-DUE-LAR line." HUH? What? oh... Perpendicular....

I remember I screwed up a quiz because I fell asleep in the middle of the test and messed up a whole bunch of the questions. I guess Erik's habits were rubbing off on me.


Of course, the most memoriable class was Chemistry with Mr. Wodchyc. He was the quite the commedian.

He gave us an quiz one day that gave you a mark for your name, and a mark for a the following question:

Spell phenolphthalein ______________.

and for the final exam, one question:

What is the nature of matter?

He almost never wrote notes on the board and he almost always taught a reaction or theory by example. Which leads us to some very good chemistry stories.

The most memoriable moment in Chemistry 11 was when Mr Wodchyc lit himself on fire.

The reaction was Magnesium Potassium permanganate under a layer of alcohol and a layer of water. The permaganate would react and cause particles to fly through the alcohol which will cause it glow brightly until it hit the protective water layer on top (remember water is lighter than alcohol). When you turn the lights out, it looks like World War I explosions and shots and tracers flying all over the place inside the beaker. That looked neat.

Well, it looked like the reaction was over so he went to pour the thing down the sink. Well, it wasn't over. A spark came out, hit the air, ignited the alcohol. Woosh. His shirt was on fire. He managed to swat him self out before Cameron got a fire extishguisher to him. He was alright, just some siniged hairs and unfortunately he burned his only dress shirt...

Also in Chemistry, I was known as Bill, the Beaker Breaker. It all started when we were using electrodes to separate water into H and O2. You pipe the gases into test tubes and you can light the end of it to turn it back into water.

Well, we suppose to use a test tube which I did but I wasn't expecting the force of the H rushing out when the flame came close so I dropped the test tube. Ok....

Second time around, I tried it with a 750ml graduated cyclinder. Again, the force just ripped it out of my hands and SMASH!!

Third time, I was cleaning tubes in a sink and I knocked over a 1000ml graduated cyclinder and SMASH!!

Good thing I didn't have to pay for any of that.... Whew...

Mr. Jacques was a funny teacher. I had him for Computer Sciences. He would get annoyed at me because I was such a computer nerd. He would hand out an assignment, and by the end of the class, I would have went to the computer, and programmed the entire thing out and had it running. Then I would document it and then flow chart it. He hated that since all the other kids were trying to do it other way.


Mr. Katzberg (Leona's Dad) was the Physics teacher. He was kinda weird in a funny old fashioned way. He taught quite well but had a really odd way of explaining things,.

I remember one day he was talking about how young guys need to go out find a good girl to make his wife and be happy. I was not sure what he had in mind there...

Mr Shirreff was the Social Studies teacher. When it got to current events and politics, boy did he get going.... As about as radical as you wanna get them...