William Chow's Personal Web Page

The year is 1984

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.



This is my 16th birthday. I wanted something BIG. So I decided to rent a room in one of my dad's clients restaurant, and have a private party with my friends and my sisters friends. This would turn out to be quite the mixer to start many relationships.

This is me and my sister in front of the cake.

Here my friend Erik tries his luck at air singing. I suppose they call that lip syncing now. hahahaha.

What posers we were....

And here is Gordie Birch trying his luck at the mic. Yeeaaaa.....

Here is a picture of Ron dancing with Gina. I think Ron had an infactuation with her.

Well, maybe I was right. Ron did have a thing for Gina. I believe this is a picture of Gina when Ron tried to sneak under the table cloth of a table near the dance floor and he tried to position the camera under her dress. The bit of white on the left edge is the table cloth.

This is Gordie. This poor picture was shot outside at night without a flash. I remember there was a blue bin dumpster in the back which a couple guys got up on to and jumped off as we were trying to take pictures of mid-air Bruce Lee kicks. Ahhh, such posers..

Good ol crazy Andrew tries to out do Gordie at this attempt. And finally a group shot with Gordie, Andrew and Steven Kazmir . What a bunch of nuts.

Steven Kazmir, Andrew Coates and Ron trying to build the limbo line. That is one thing about Andrew and parties. He has a way of really livening up a party. Second picture has the limbo master himself going under the bar of Marty and Steven. LIMBO! LIMBO!!

Here we have Steven Kazmir and Dave Ducharme trying to do Michael Jackson's Coke commerical moonwalk. Note the floor has this white streaky powder on it? The floor stuck so much we had thrown all the sugar and salt on the dance floor so we strut. I never heard any complaints from the restaurant but I imagine they were not happy to discover this afterwards.

This is a picture of Ron beside Kelly Goodall. What a funny fellow this chap is.

I suppose with a dance floor, that would promote one to get on the floor and dance. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of my dad getting on the floor. He invented a dance by doing Tai-Chi excerises to music. Maybe that is what touched off Andrew and crew with jumping off the dumpster...


Speaking of parents, yes, they were watching us. Probably thought we were nuts, but they didn't interfere with our fun. Here pictured from right to left is my mom, grandmom and the owner of the Maple Leaf restaurant.

Here is shot of primarily my sister's friends. Staring with my sister, is Holly, Kris and Martina.

And you can dance if you want to...

This is a famous line from the Safety Dance from Men Without Hats. And here I am doing the SAFETY DANCE!!

Ok, our premier art band performance. Erik on Guitar, Marty on drums and Andrew on vocals doing Platinum Blonde, "It Doesn't Really Matter". And you know what, these guys aren't blonde... You know what, it doesn't really matter!

Alright, Erik stays on the guitar with his imitation of Eddie Van Halen. And the next frame shows just how well he was received...

hhahaa, just joking, Gordie didn't really hit Erik with the guitar but those guys did stage the shot pretty good!

This is my attempt at the air guitar. If you are wondering, I do believe this use to be Erik's electric guitar. It had 5 of its 6 strings and the mike jack was totally wrecked. However, at this party, it was a great prop.

Andrew says "HUH?" as he is dazed and confused at the mic table.

This story has a happy ending. Marty from my side, and Gina from May's side did meet and solidify their relationship and after many hurdles and hardships, they did eventually marry each other.