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The year is 1978.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.



This is a class photo my Quinson Elementary School 1978 Grade 5 class.

I would like to thank Colleen Moshenko for supplying this picture for me to copy. By coincidence, when I brought the picture to WD Studios, I met Helen McPherson, who is in the picture.

Notable people from the picture:

back row, left to right: Andrew Coates, ME, ? , Janet Turner, Harvey Parhar, Calvin Townsend, Corrina Schlit (sp?), Dee Kent, ?, ?, Lenora Katzberg, Mrs Vogt.

Middle Row, left to right: Peter Marata (?), Patrick Zanette, Gary Richards, Brett Doig, ?, Colleen Moshenko, ?, ?, Kent Nadeau, Don Pickering.

Front row, left to right: Gerry Philips, Lonnie Delisle, Julie Dewyer (sp?), Helen MacPherson, Ritu Suri, Marne Stafford, Marc Edelman, Brian Payne, Trent Blair, Teresa Biech.

This is a class photo from Quinson Elementary School 1978 from the other Grade 5 class.

I have included this picture because this should have the rest of the people who were not in my class. I thank Cameron for finding this photo.

Notable people in the picture (if you can recognize them).

Back Row: Lynda Carlson, Harold Campbell (right beside teacher)

Middle Row: Wendy Wiseman (rightmost)

Front Row: Cameron Dunn (2nd from right), Elizabeth Lamare (3rd), Rick Poitras (4th left), Grace ? (5th from left)



May is missing her 1978 Grade 4 picture. If you have a copy of it, she would love a copy. You can email me here.