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I am rather a simplistic travel person. I take trips for a little pleasure and relaxation and maybe a bit of business too. I like the change in scenery, the different varieties of food changes, of course the different people, and most of all the shopping! I am not much of a sight seeing guy but maybe when I get older I will turn into one...

Below is a list of some of the trips and vacations that I remember taking, Click on the item you would like to see pictures and descriptions for.


Destinations & Date


Prince George 1986

After I graduated last year and lived and went to school for a year, I return to Prince George. It is interesting to see how people have changed and where they went to.

This is also the year I went to Vancouver, BC for Expo 86!

I went a long road trip with Barry Moss, Lylse Martin to San Deigo and San Francisco.

My second outing to San Deigo and San Francisco, but this time it was our first attempt at a large group of us. James Lovitt, Lysle Martin, Med Major, Bill Jang and Richard Chan joined me.

San Deigo 1991


Anime Expo '92 had guest Haruko Mikimoto (Macross, Orguss and Gunbuster fame) at Red Lion Inn July 3-6.

I got a signed AX poster.

I went to the San Deigo Comic Convention and boy did I buy a lot of stuff.

San Deigo 1994

A trip down to San Francisco and San Jose and San Deigo.

San Deigo 1995

A trip down to San Francisco and San Deigo.

San Deigo 1996

San Deigo 1997

San Deigo 1998

San Deigo 2000

San Deigo 2001

Seattle 2001

Victoria 2001

San Deigo 2001

This was a trip to go to the Comic Convention. Lots of great pictures and a good running commentary of the convention.

Seattle 2002

A trip to Sakura Con in Seattle.


Sakura Con

San Deigo 2003

San Deigo 2003


Sakura Con 2004

San Deigo 2004

San Deigo 2004

Prince George Revisited 2004 Tour

My First trip to Asia, Shenyang China and Japan

A day trip to Seattle's downtown core.