William Chow's Personal Web Page

My Life As It Is... So Far...

I really started putting together this personal page once I joined up with Classmates.com and started finding some of my old friends from highschool days. What was I was lacking was a good description of what I was doing since then. Some of the emails I would get were so detailed it made my life really boring. Well actually, it is but doesn't mean I should describe it in one sentence.

So here, I decided to compile what I have done in a nice table so I can add on to it easily and it is easy for the reader to follow. Thanks for reading, I hope it doesn't bore you.

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Childhood Early

I was born in a dinky little town called Hazelton, which is just outside of an equally remote town called Prince Rupert. If you ever happen to take an Alaskan Cruise, you may pass by PR on your way there. Real small town, consists mainly of a government office (mostly for Indian Affairs), a post office and a library. Couple sparse shops and restaurants here and there.

Childhood Late

After a few years, the family moved to Prince George, the transportation hub of central British Columbia. Here, the parents worked and later bought the restaurant the "Jade Garden". It was quite popular since it was right across the street from the government offices and it was also right by the one of the largest movie theatres in town. I went to Quinson Elementary School.

Teen Early

After finishing grade 7, I went to Lakewood Jr High School for 8,9,10. I graduated in the top of the class and I procceed to Prince George Senior Secondary for 11 and 12. I also graduated in the top of the class and won a scholarship to go to the University of BC.

Teen Late

I moved to my first house in Vancouver to begin Engineering at UBC. This was also the year of Expo 86.

Adult 20's Early

I got my first real part time job working at Radio Shack to help pay for my numerous hobbies and night life. I also switched faculities from Engineering to Computer Sciences and finished that. Kinda useless now in retrospect since I never got a job in the computer field. I continued to work at Radio Shack moving up the chain of stores Harbour Centre, Fraser Street, Oakridge Mall, City Square (where I become a manager), and West Broadway.

Adult 20's Late

The parents and my sister all moved down to Vancouver, We sold off the first house and got our second one. My father died in 1992 due to throat cancer caused by his smoking,. My grandmother died of at age of 89, in 1994. I always wanted to be a shop owner so I opened my own video rental store for Japanese Anime.

Adult 30's Early

In the quest of life goals, I started working on them, usually when the hit this age. I had the choice of career, financial independance, fame, or marriage. I had already found that working for yourself is much better than working for somebody else or some other corporation. Marriage is a big one on my parents mind but without a proper financial base, I am not going to be able to support a family. Fame, yea, I already have a different kind of following in the anime community, I really don't need that much more attention. So, that leaves the next most logical one, to gain my financial independance first before getting married.

Adult 30's Middle

I looked into lots of money making schemes and junk and did some research and watched lots of those stupid infomericals. What finally did it was reading a book for Russ Whitney about making money using real estate. I didn't agree with everything in the book nor did I think every in the book would work for me, but I did see a few things and saw how it works. Something plausable enough for me to try. Now 3 houses later, I have postive cash flow and I have almost a million dollars of equity. I feel that I am in the right time to start looking for a life partner. This is gonna be hard one since love is something that often defies logic and planning. But that is part of life... the living of it....

Adult 30's Latter I have found my life partner. I have stopped running my own business and got back into a normal time clock job. It is not so much to support my family than it is more to keep me active and working. My goals now switch to making a family and becoming a good father.