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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Dee Kent.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

I met Dee Kent when I entered Quinson Elementary School. A tall, boney and rather fragile guy. We became close friends. I remembered he lived at the second to last house on Lyon Street and 3rd Avenue.

I remember we use to play in the alleys and ride bikes all around.

Quinson Stories

Home Stories

Dee was in the same grade as I, so we shared quite a few classes. Here are some of the stories I remember we did.

I remember getting a whole handful of postcards from China of the military. Lots of airplanes, fighters, tanks, troops and the alike. I remember I was going to trade some 20 postcards for a few Archie Comic Digests. His mom found out, and thought I was getting the bad end of the stick and she made him give me almost twice as many! What a nice mom.....

Grade 5, I think it was, we were in something called the "Open Area" (4 classrooms in one big room). Anyway, I remember that I was having a swing jumping contest with Dee. We would use the swings to swing up as high as we could and then at the highest point, jump off the swings. Sounds stupid, yea, but we were kids.

I initially thought he broke his leg but after contacting me, he corrected me. He broke his arm in a separate incident on the slide.

Taken at Dee Kent's Birthday party at his house on Lyon Street. This dogpile from bottom to top, left to right is, Calvin Townsend, me, Evan Delay, Brett Doig, Dee, Ivan, and Trent Blair. I remember this party. We had to cherades. Hell, I got the impossible one, a TV show called "What's New?". Yea right, try to act that one out when you are 10.

 One of the things we had to do was this Canadian initiative called "Participaction". Get us kids more into shape. They had us do everything from pushups, arm hangs and jumps and stuff. One thing I was really good at was the standing long jump. Basically from standing, jump ahead as far as you could go. I had the jumping distance that went off the chart, which at this point was the average up to grade 12. The only other person who was even close was Dee.

Dee's dad spotted my web page, probably after doing a vanity check on his son, in May 2004. He tells me he is living in Powell River with his wife and two daughters.

Dee was very gracious to go back into his photo albums and retreive two photographs from his party. Wow... I don't even remember the shot. But more importantly, he went and found and made a photographic copy of two of the Quinson Elementary class photos that I had lost. THANK YOU so much.

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