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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Cameron Dunn.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

I met Cameron when I entered Lakewood Junior School. A short guy. I remembered him because he had a mark close to his eye. He was also famous for being picked on by the older guys and the tougher guys. I do believe I met him through my friend Erik Kiss, who was a friend of Geordie Birch.

I grabbed this picture from old Quinson class photos that he had. For 7 years, he ended up being in the "other" class. A very strange coincidence!

Home Stories

I remembered that Cameron kept getting injured for the littlest things. That guy sure took a lot of abuse. I remembered he kept getting lots of bleeding noses. Hmm... maybe they weren't injures... maybe he was just hentai.... nahhh....

This is a more current picture of Cameron as a fire fighter in the Maritimes.

I recently got in contact with Cameron. He is living with his wife, Carol, in the maritimes. He served in the military for a while, and is now a fire fighter for the Fredricton FD. Way to go!

In May 2004, Cameron has taken a leap into the business world. Here is his web site, please feel free to have a look:


He has two boys, Colin at 3 years, and Owen at 18 months (as of Sept 2005).



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